Call of duty vanguard

I Don't Care About Call of Duty Vanguard

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Call of Duty: Vanguard’s beta has come out… and I don’t care about it. This franchise is tired and needs to take a year off. That clearly shows in how basic Vanguard’s gameplay is.

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  1. In case no one else did it they arent red dots or yellow dots the sight are reflectors. Basically ww2’s version of a red dot

  2. LOOL man I think I am going to buy those headphones just because of your ads, they're fuckin hilarious and so radonom/but well timed

  3. “Act Man Is Building a Bridge To The YouTube Algorithm!” “Stop Act Man From Building That Bridge!”

  4. I like how they won’t spell nazi but then they’re willing to have one of the characters do a race check in the campaign

  5. Couldn't Call of Duty just be one sole game? Like, if its just one game they can focus on improving the game every day

  6. I’ve seen marksman try to tell the makers of vanguard to atleast make it some kind of steam punk type game like he’s saying but of course what do they do? ?? I don’t see how people can play literallythe same kind of cod games mixed in 1 …this game is plain and I feel like because of this the next cod game they release is going to be fun to everyone atleast for a little bit just because vanguard is just awful, I actually think this is worse than ghost ?? I remember everybody I knew played ghost when it came out … I don’t know anybody that bought vanguard seriously, hate on me all you want but name one cod that’s just like ghost? It was it’s own game and nothing else was like this one but then ya got vanguard … very similar to ww1 ww2 and same mechanics as mw

  7. Idk if anyone has tried to play Cod MW 2019 any time recently l but they have completely ruined the game. With the new island update they have made Mw unplayable, it will consistently crash and freeze your cancel. But if you boot up vanguard it is 100% fine.

  8. I hate that Activision forces you to buy Vanguard or Cold War to farm its spesific weapons for Warzone. Because when a new COD game comes out, new game's weapons are gonna be the meta weapons for a long time. So you must buy that new game in order to farm those weapons in that new game's Multiplayer. BUT, for example, in Cold War. You can't even leven up Cold War weapons properly, they just ruined out weapon farming system. I tried zombies and took so much zombie kills, I tried Multiplayer and get 50 kills, still can't max out even one weapon in Cold War. So nowadays, new COD games are bullshit but they still force you to buy them. JUST WTF are we supposed to do?

  9. Stopped caring about COD and console gaming when COD Ghost came out for Xbox One. I was a poor kid, just turned 17, mom surprises me with an Xbox One on Black Friday and she pre-ordered Ghost for me, my happiest birthday ever. I loved Black Ops 2 the most but I couldn't tell you why, the game itself was probably average but because it was the one I played with friends the most, It's my favorite. I hated how bland Ghost was, my first and last pre-order ever and the Xb1 was a brick. I sold both the game and console on Craigslist and used the money to build my first PC.

  10. You know what? Give me Call of Duty 2: Big Red One remaster so it runs good on newer hardware and I'll be happy. That's all I want.

  11. Well as of 12/22/21 its filled with snipers which doesn't 'fit' the multiplayer experience in this 'fast paced' game. And oh, they haven't fixed the cheating. Just enough Chters to wreck the exerperience for everyone.

  12. You know, there’s a positive to AAA companies blundering every single WW2 game they release. It just helps the indie industry even more or the games that aren’t AAA that are closer to what a WW2 game should be. Enlisted, Hell Let Loose, even the ArmA 3 mod Iron Front, these are authentic WW2 shooter games. And hell, enlisted is free on next gen, last gen, and Pc, and cross play between all 3

  13. Sorry you had to wear a beret in this one. They suck and you have to shave the inside and outside of the them, you usually put a hole in them while doing it, you then have to fill it up with water so you can shape it into the way it looks like in video games, shave it a bit more then put that cardboard bit on it, then when you put it on it’s super tight. That’s why I hate them

  14. Of course he’s not gonna like because it’s not world at war because he won’t like any other ww2 game except world at war

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