Call of duty vanguard

i played iw4x finally and its better than vanguard

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In this video I play IW4x which is the mod for Modern Warfare 2 on PC! It has everything unlocked from calling cards, emblems all dlc maps and more! What are your thoughts on IW4x, have you played it? Thank you for watching my video, I appreciate the support!
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  1. I played this yesterday. The lobby I played in didn't let me use the ac-130 or the nuke. I sweated my ass getting a 25ks twice. Ig it was for balancing or smthn. Btw they kicked m in the end, they thought I was hacking lmao

  2. I always wanted to do modded cod like this but I’m to scared to do it cause of the qbtorrent, and that people say there’s risk in qbtorrent.

  3. hopefully this video doesnt cause an influx of kids ruining the trickshot lobbies like when the tik tok kids ruined plutonium 💀

  4. If vanguard has the same camo problem as mw19 cold war i ain't getting that crap. I need new content for my brain and not the same thing over and over again.

  5. I have not yet played IW4x still waiting for my GPU and as soon as I get that then I'll be able to play it

  6. Iw4x isn't as fun as booting up the Xbox 360 mw2. If you thought the camping and nanotubes where bad back then they're beyond fucking terrible now

  7. The best Call of Duty to ever be created, this game created so many different memories for everyone, for us it was Trickshotting and Sniping but now we want and command Modern Warfare 2 Multi-Player Remastered!

  8. aIW, iw4x had huge potential to become as popular as cs 1.6 but it has been ruined by all the 13 yo kids brought by 'free client'. Literally 95% of its community was so bad you could get banned on every server

  9. ay ghosts i gotta ask for iw6x(the ghosts version) i dont have the game and is it safe to get it from the iw6x site(they offer a torrent)

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