Call of duty vanguard

The BEST SETTINGS To Improve AIM ASSIST & FOV in Vanguard! (Vanguard Beta)

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  1. If dill ever gets a chance to reunite with clay on subliners. Clay-Crim-Hydraa-Attach would be nasty! Rokkr did look great last season tho! Hopefully it’s dills year

  2. I'm planning a LAN party in a few weeks. Is there still an option to play LOCAL / LAN? Thanks for the video/settings.

  3. How do I get my ads sensitivity multiplier to .90? Because my option is locked in at 1.00 and won’t move

  4. console aimbot cucks can't play w/o aim assist. lmfao. was only a matter of time before a game made popular by pc gamers was made impossible to play so console cucks can buy more copies.

    enjoy 1/2 a game thumbkin.

  5. How do you make an aim assist video without mentioning aim assist mode? Default, Precision, Focusing or Black Ops.

  6. Is the aim assistance not working for consoles i used these settings and they were fantastic i just recently got on and it seems unresponsive not sure but is cold blooded messing with this function

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