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The MRags Review on Call of Duty Vanguard Beta (Vanguard Gameplay)

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The Vanguard Beta just got extended untl Wednesday, September 22nd! If you aren’t able to play this weekend, then make sure you try the game this week! Hope you enjoy this Vanguard gameplay and review! I really am pleasantly surprised with the game engine and the gunplay. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Call of Duty going back to WWII, but they’ve done a great job so far. The game feels crisp and smooth with great graphics. The two biggest things are gunplay and game engine which I think they nailed. Also being able to switch between Warzone and Vanguard on the same game engine is a massive W.

They NEED to nerf the sun and fix spawns. I’m really hopeful that these will be much better when the full game releases. Overall, very excited for Vanguard to drop! What are your thoughts?

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