Call of duty vanguard

Vanguard vs Battlefield 5 – Attention to detail & Graphics Comparison

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Call of Duty: Vanguard vs Battlefield 5 – Attention to detail Gameplay & Graphics Comparison


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  1. Battlefield 5 before battlefield 2042 release
    Me: battlefield 5 sucks
    After battlefield 2042 release
    Me: alright al take it back

  2. Call of duty has such lazy game design. It’s literally the same shitty game sold over and over for outrageous prices.

  3. I admit Battlefield V has its controversies, but we all have to admit it had one of the shittiest releases ever, whereas vanguard has had one of the biggest hype trains I’ve ever seen, and yet battlefield V is still a superior game

  4. Battlefield fans in these comments acting like 98% of what they do in matches is look at grass and inspecting view models when I know damn well they didn't know 80% of things in this video the game had as a feature

  5. Is it just me or do the guns in vanguard really sound that bad? I know its the same engine than Modern Warfare (2019) used and in MW the overall sounddesign was pretty good, they even recorded real gunsounds on a shooting range. But vanguard sounds so lame, so cheap. What an embarrassment for Sledge Hammer, they should stop making Call of Dutys. They never made a good one and i believe they never will

  6. Not to say that cod shouldn't be a lot better but you can't rly compare the two..cod has never been about being ultra realistic…its abt high octane action and thats abt it, wouldn't hurt them to put a bit more into reload animations but for the most part I think its unnecessary bc of the way the game is played

  7. Of course lighting in BFV is so good. I believe BFV were one of the very first wave of games that implemented ray tracing. Even without ray tracing, Frostbite engine in general produces amazing lighting, dating back to early Bad Company era.

  8. Vanguard isn't that bad compared to a 2018 game.
    Also, me and my friends once created a trench line in BFV

  9. I hate it how the lighting in Vanguard is washed out when you compared it to BFV even MW 2019

  10. imo the gameplay part isnt entirely fair because that i think is more down to personal preference of how they want a game to play sorta

  11. Vanguard guy at 8:00 would have burned all the skin off his hand after that mag dump. The heat shield would have been so freaking hot. The Germans actually issued asbestos gloves for handling the heat shield and switching out barrels on mg42’s.

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