Call of duty vanguard


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We got some info on call of duty cold war vanguard zombies leaks and other data mined info. We got the achievement list that lets …


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  1. This dudes talkin like a shield is revolutionary in zombies like we didn’t have it in every bo3 map until they ruined it in Cold War with the armor system

  2. Cw perk system is so bad for me, it only makes the Gameplay easy and easy and more easy and that's getting boring.
    I loved more the bo4 perk system, 4 perks and the 4th perk it gives you some extra power, and you can make diferrent playstyles.

  3. I bought 6 cod games for zombies, unless it's just a zombies game I won't buy it. And no I didn't buy cold war my brothers got it for me because they wanted to play all of us together.

  4. I want new and old field upgrades. They should add everything from Coldwar at base then add a little bit at launch. And keep adding new things

  5. this is what I told you was gonna happen months ago and you told me "there no way they would do that" well dude this is what they are forced to do when they release a new COD each year. I would bet my life that they are gonna have all the same field upgrades and we are gonna have all the same perks that we have in CW so like you said they might as well just keep updating Cold War what is the point of vanguard zombies…..this has me extremely worried man extremely worried

  6. I don't play cod anymore but would love a full blown zombies game as I think it would be quite a big hit. I don't play the campaign or multiplayer anymore so I never buy them.

  7. If Vanguard doesnt have zombies at launch, I wont even think about ever buying it. I'm still not buying it either way but at least with zombies I'd be tempted. Zombies is all this franchise has left for me. Campaign is boring, Warzone is crap, and mp in general is cancer with sbmm.

  8. Zombies is awesome atm in cold war, so I don’t know how can vanguard beat that??? Originality?? How?? They need to start from scratch on that on that one.

  9. if they are going back to ww2 that means group 935 is still around and making the perks and stuff like they did in waw i hope we get a meantion of them and honestly i dont care what they do cause im not getting VANGUARD lego what makes you think VANGUARD zombies will have a mastery camo?! they cant top dark aether in cold war nothing will ever be better than that and more weapons means longer grinding times for camos and im not about that if i decided to get the game and grind

  10. Those mechanics of Cold War Zombies sucked…… so disappointing wish I never clicked on the video now. I just want easter egg special map weapons to exist and not pre-loadout options. Its just so boring so so so boring Cold War zombies imo was the worst Treyarch ever did with Zombies id rather Sledgehammer done their own rendition in this case.

  11. they’re putting some stuff in from cold war because they’re lazy. Like they were lazy with the maps they took the assets from campaign and made them into zombies maps

  12. really? its come to getting excited about 4 guns instead of 2… cant they just take like 3 years off and have all 3 studios work on the same game? multiplayer/br/zombies. give us mw2 remastered i would happily play that for 3 years

  13. Zero chance they're going to do the exact same DLC cycle they would never do that. We can expect to see the old stuff for sure but they're going to add new things 100%.

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