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Call of Duty: Vanguard (BETA) vs WWII | Direct Comparison

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Direct visual comparison of the recently released Call of Duty: Vanguard (BETA) and the previous game by Sledgehammer, Call of Duty: WWII (2017).

Want to learn more about Call of Duty? Check out the full documentary here:

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  1. Good morning everyone – hope you're having a good weekend! Just a quick update on what's coming next: Still working my way through "Deathloop" and "Alien: Fireteam Elite" to get some reviews out. Quake Remastered and Ghost of Tsushima PS5 are also planned for coverage. The big project remains the "History of Battlefield" which is still planned to release sometime in October, and will guest star many members of the community, including but not limited to "NeebsGaming", "LevelCap", and "Raycevick." Stay tuned! 🙂

  2. Visual noise is distracting? I'm sorry but you lost me on this. It's a war game. Snow and debris really happened. And of course it is distracting.

  3. And I've got to say all them ww2 guns would of been nice and Polished hahaha my arse they were
    The weapons were dirty muddy probably got bits of grass and bushes stuck in bits of the gun aswell
    Definitely not polished

  4. wepons sound is so much better in ww2.. in Vanguard everything sounds like a firecracker. which might be realistic but this is not what this game is about.

  5. I absolutely love this series since Modern WF 2018.. out of MWF, CW, VG. MWF is def my fav campaign wise .. and look.. COLD WAR WAS A BLAST.. but I absolutely love the look of Vanguard .. beautiful game that gave me goosebumps during the MIDWAY battle .. all these games are good .. I’m not s multiplayer guy .. so I prefer a mini interactive movie .. BLACK OPS 4 Robbed me of that and absolutely hated that particular Game.. also loved WW2.. haven’t even attempted to step inside of the COD ZOMBIES story yet .. so need to go back and start Thackeray one

  6. Vanguard is trash . Really why did they even make this game? I guess they needed the money. The look and feel are like some elementary school code development class had a team project and this was it.

  7. It's so nuts to hear people refer to CoD WWII's textures as "muddy" because you can't make out every individual spec of dirt or ridge in the wood.

    And then you have Half-Life which is like "Here's a box with a cylinder on the end, that looks enough like a gun."

  8. After playing vanguard I can confirm vanguards weapons sound and feel better, and just look better in my opinion

  9. After the release, the sound design made me sad. I loved CoD WW2 and thought the sound was great. The weapons sounded closer to the real life weapons to me compared to vanguard. I'm not happy with vanguard specifically because of the TTK, it feels way too quick like cold war. I thought MW2019 had a perfect TTK, you weren't a tank and you weren't too easy to kill so you could actually take cover and heal up before engaging again. I have died behind too many walls because the bullets feel like they curve around walls because the game doesn't register that Ive died till its too late and I'm behind cover.

  10. It's funny that people don't realize that sledgehammer just took the game base of ww2 and slapped new maps on and gave it a different name

  11. I'm late to the party, but the reload thing wasn't a bug, you have to choose in the options "sprint cancels reload"

  12. Mw 2019 was terrible so this game is probably terrible too considering it is literally just copy and paste with a ww2 setting

  13. As a ww2 re-enactor and collector, I can say with confidence, this game makes me want to take a nice warm toaster bath.

  14. Idc what u say….. cod is cod and each cod game is good…. There is no “bad” or “better” cod game…. In my opinion, I think ALL call of duty’s are good….

  15. The last call of duty I played and thoroughly enjoyed was black ops 3 I bought infinite warfare but only enjoyed the campaign I bought ww2 but do to its reliance on a internet connection I definitely regretted buying it. I also bought the modem warfare reboot and while I loved the gunsmith system and new gameplay mechanics it still leaned too heavy on the need of an internet connection. I haven't bought call of duty since and I won't this time either. What I desire is a call of duty that is single player and couch co-op only and has spec ops missions like the original three modern warfare games and maybe a few other modes but I hate the reliance of online gaming.

  16. COD has been TRASH since black ops 2… sad how some people needed multiple bad games to admit this series of COD games is trash

  17. It looks like the game isn't actually that bad (better than Cold War from what I've seen online), but it just seems "meh".

  18. Thanks for video.
    I just got an Xbox one X and have no finally upgraded from Xbox 360 haha.
    What are the best CoD for online play?
    My previous go to was world at war and black ops. ??

  19. Fun fact the map eagles nest on vanguard was gifted to Hitler and was his headquarters just found this out today. Look it up

  20. No matter what anyone says, I still believe these games have the spirit of call of duty, which is mindless fun!

    No Call Of Duty Multiplayer hasn’t had OP guns or skill based gameplay based on reflexes and creativity.

    In short, I don’t judge CODs based on Balance or “New Features.” I base them on what’s fun, and for me, they’re all fun.

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