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CoD Vanguard Attention To Details | Call of Duty Vanguard Details and Graphics Showcase

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CoD Vanguard Attention To Details | Call of Duty Vanguard Details and Graphics Showcase

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Here are some interesting details I have found throughout playing Vanguard the last week. I think COD has really upped their game this year… I doubt I could make this video with Cold War.

ALSO – Thank you to everyone who is subscribed, watching, liking, and just showing support. You really don’t know how much I appreciate all of you, so just thank you. I post VERY often (Every other day/2-3days) so you are in for some great content here.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this video, and stay tuned for future videos. Have a good day everyone, and once again – THANKS FOR WATCHING

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  1. To me, this is less of attention to detail, more like obligatory expectation detail from an AAA games given these high standard details already seen on various high budget FPS games in the past like MW19, BF1-5, EFT,…
    If the new game has it, good, just as expected; if it doesn't have it, not impressed; especially from a COD.

    Unless the new detail is something more interesting and not expected.

  2. To be honest this game is a massive downgrade in graphics from MW19 and even WW2 looks waaay better. Gun sounds are very weak on Vanguard too.
    You must have a very powerful pc! Also the screentear is horrendous on consoles…

  3. The tactical reloads aren't cool or needed. Everything is just wrong. Troops back then didn't shoot pistols two handed and they didn't conduct tactical reloads or speed reloads. There is no attention to detail in this game.

  4. I'm so happy I can put red dots on everything, because that's what I want out of a ww2 shooter is stupid customization, like making a StG into a SBR or changing the caliber.

  5. You forgot reload clip magazine.
    5 round if you jusr shoot 2 the reload will take back 3 bullets on clip. Shoot 3 take back 2 on clip, shot 4 take back 1 bullets on clip

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