Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Is Not Worth $60…

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For the first time in my life I didn’t know a new Call of Duty game was coming out until very recently, after playing the beta for it I can now see exactly why. Thanks for watching!
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  1. I noticed audio was missing around the 3 minute mark when i talked about the campaign. I went on a G-fuel inspired binge about how MGS3's cobra unit was the actual mommy of special forces because I love anything Metal Gear and I have a problem I admit.

    Use code "SOG" to save money at <3

  2. The only problem i had with mw 2019 is that it doesn't play good on ps4 constant lag (fps drops) and the campaign crashes my whole ps4 every time i end a chapter

  3. I really love people who say 'just don't buy it'.

    A. It reminds me of EA's excuse for Battlefront 2 that blew up in their faces.

    But B. They clearly don't know how critique works. If you put a product out into the world, whether you charge money for it or not, you are allowed to give your thoughts on said product, which is how things improve, through critique. (Though, this doesn't work with ALL companies, to be fair.)

  4. So the game released… Zombies is THE WORST PART of the game, the ultimate edition weapons don't even have tracer rounds, it still says My Team VS Enemy Team since there are no factions, camo challenges are bugged and don't track, huge packet burst issues, the campaign is short and half of it is cinematic scenes ? and much much more

  5. That point about not buying the game is valid, though. It's the same issue with EA Sports's games: people constantly complain, yet the games sell millions of copies because people will complain and then just buy the game anyway. Obviously it's fine to criticize games, but companies don't care about your opinions, they care about your money. The only way to actually get them to improve their product is to stop wasting money on it until it gets better

  6. Why is there a battle pass for a game you paid money for?? Pay another 25 on top of the 70 so you can get things that are supposed to be free

  7. I think honestly the thing that probably saved cold wars sales was the story and zombies modes, multiplayer went to shit so fast, and sadly alot of that can be contributed to Activision repeatedly taking elephant sized shits on treyarch every moment they can since bo4 and even a little bit into bo3. They have prioritized quantity over quality. Its fucking depressing.

  8. What sucks is Warzone is free and now that vanguard came out they’re moving the platform to call of duty Vanguard and it sucks all around because you can’t even create weapons without having to buy the game and they reset you to level one after I was pretty much master prestige. They could’ve made a whole new engine for Vanguard and then had the swap warzone out and put it in Vanguard. I after all the work I put in Warzone and it’s all gone I might just get battlefield 2042 because this is just getting ridiculous you guys are trying to pocket $60 on a shitty game That not a whole lot of people are buying so you guys are trying to push this out there and get your $60 when you guys come out with the game every year

  9. I don’t even know if it’s worth it to play call of duty anymore after they change Warzone for the 3rd time but this Time you can’t even play the original map when half of your guys player base was on that game.

  10. It’s a waste man tbh especially having two ww2 games almost as if they’re saying well if you didn’t like that one we have vanguard…no???‍♂️

  11. mw2019 is the shit and everyone whos not a cod fanboy knows it. these people hating on it realy prefer black ops 4 like bruh anything else theyve released last 8 or so years is ass

  12. I disagree actually. Vanguard is far better than cold snore and modern campfare and it's only been out for 5 weeks. Sure it had a rough start, but it's absolutely a fun game to play and I'm looking forward to seeing more bug fixes. It's absolutely worth 60 dollars and personally I could spend that per week in entertainment.

  13. It's basically more Modern Warfare but then why not just go back and play Modern Warfare?

    If it's a heavy discount then yeah I'll get it 'cause it's basically a map pack lol

  14. A wise child once asked "Butters, do you know what you get for pre-order a game ? A big dick in the face."

    I seriously thought My Team was a joke. Sure Activision wouldn't be SO TRANSPARENT with it's current image crisis, that it would alter it's own simulated history to better suit the ebb and flow of the 'getting offended on other people's behalf' movement, surely ?

    The amount of corporate stank on our gaming scene is getting too much.

  15. I love how in the thumbnail he was looking at the camera and smiling like as if he was thinking WOW I BOUGHT THIS
    Also one of things I liked about cod was zombies but they got that game mode and took a massive shit on it

  16. Battlefield 2042 and Halo infinite in my opinion seem to dwarf this game in terms of content. I know some people hate how 2042 replaced class system with specialists and halo has a fucked progression system, but I would rather put WAY more hours into those two rather than Vanguard.

    Halo infinite: the developers put effort into it.

    Battlefield 2042: despite the game being buggy, DICE at least is concerned about the game and are fixing it.

    COD Vanguard: the dev's did not care.

  17. I got it for 40$ on sale. Don’t like the campaign. Like the multiplayer though the hate for it is kinda overblown

  18. anyone calling black ops 2 peak call of duty than talking bout vanguard is just kinda LLLLLLLLLLLLLL blame consumers for majority of problems "created" by manufacturer simple logic really

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