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Call of Duty: Vanguard Warzone Anticheat A LIE?

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With hackers already a serious problem in the Call of Duty:Vanguard multiplayer beta, was the promised anti-cheat for CoD and Warzone just a lie?

The Call of Duty:Vanguard multiplayer has a few serious issues, including performance hiccups and some really terrible spawns, but the most alarming thing players are running into has to be hackers in a game that was supposed to bring the first real anti-cheat to Warzone and the new Call of Duty title.

But almost as soon as the Vanguard multiplayer beta began, so did the reports and clips of hackers in the game. So either the devs behind Call of Duty:Vanguard just not turn on the anti-cheat for the beta, which seems like a brave move to not test out your anti-cheat given how bad hacking had become in Warzone, or is the anti-cheat on…and it simply isn’t good enough?

Call of Duty and Warzone fans just have to hope that for whatever reason, the Vanguard devs didn’t have the anti-cheat on during the multiplayer beta. Because if they did…it clearly isn’t working…and that’s terrible news for both the future of Call of Duty:Vanguard and Warzone…especially with big titles like Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 just months away.

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  1. not counting on it, whatsoever, falldown company. ruined their game, extorted us all, and now are lying to us. they create and sell the cheats. it's business wise.

  2. Gotta love Noah. Good job on the recent videos. You have done really well and I always enjoy your segments just as much as Zach's.

  3. What do you mean it was a lie !!!!?!?!?!? Didn't they just ban 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 accounts ?????? Come on man they are going to circle back on that !!

  4. I already stopped playing warzone shits insanity playing over and over thinking things will change ,it never will . cheat companies are making millions and they don’t want to see that revenue disappear

  5. I wouldn't get too upset yet. They're obviously holding their cards close to the chest so cheats can't start being developed. As soon as it drops, it'll probably be great. But the coders that make the hacks are intelligent folks. I would imagine they'll eventually figure it out and overcome it. Unless they do some Battleye type shit. I don't think anyone messes with that….but I don't know much about hacks so, maybe I'm wrong.

  6. They shoulda never made warzone free to play to be honest they shoulda made it so that if u bought modern warfare u get warzone. So hackers had to keep buying the game

  7. This is just a content grab it's a beta and has nothing to do with if a anticheat is coming to warzone or not

  8. They need to make it illegal to cheat like you go to prison and are fined if found hacking in a game that’s what it’s coming too

  9. its a kernel level the new anti cheat there is no bypass for it this will end cheating in the future for cod

  10. listen to the arrogant hacker prik his response Just says I'm a douchbag but I've got more money so I can do what I like. The prik has the tone of a sociopath.

  11. OF COURSE it was a lie!!! What the f*ck did u expect? If they immediately banned all the cheaters there'd hardly be any one left to buy their bullshit content! They would NEVER ban all the cheaters because they know almost every 3rd player is a scumbag cheater. Cheaters are the scum of this earth, dirtbags who are too stupid to play fair. They are the TRUE cowards of real life with NO decent character nor personality whatsoever. Activision and Co. want to earn cold hard cash. They don't give a crap ( and never have they really given a crap) about you the player. They want your hard earned money in their pockets. There's also a rumor that they have small companies that churn out those cheats too. Since a lot of people are scumbags and cheat ( literally millions of players) Activision and Co. don't shy away from that cash either. So they'll hand out the relevant programing of their game to their "subsidiaries" with a good conscience like the scumbag company they are. How else do you believe those cheats were available LITERALLY 20 minutes after the game is released???? And this has been going on for a VERY long time. I'm surprised you people are surprised about this. ?

  12. I started playing Vanguard day 1 and it's already filled with just enough cheaters to ruin the experience. It took me awhile just to find HOW to report a cheater with PC. Can't even email the developer about this. These cheaters and perhaps the company owe us $59.95 because it's got lots of cheaters ruining the game.

  13. forward to december 2. It has been announced that it will drop with warzone also for vanguard, but now it will not drop for vanguard just yet.

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