Call Of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone: The Numbers Event Explained!

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Today we got the new Call of Duty Warzone event called “The Numbers”. In this video we go over the numbers event, what to do, …


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  1. All i know is that the broadcast stations are annoying in warzone. I dont care about all that crap and just want to play the game without the numbers in my ear keeping me from hearing footsteps

  2. It sucks once you finish it you still have to do a challenge for the little swords like tf what was the point of playing the challenge to begin with

  3. The event really annoys me personally, trying to play and guess what? You don't get to hear anymore because a man is going to speak a sequence of numbers into your ear very loudly.

  4. Guys on the second page of the challenges, between the name of the item and the mission you can see codes and disturbing phrases, if I'm not mistaken are these:
    What are they?
    What does it mean?
    I can't get them out of my head
    They forced me

  5. Take this Bullshit out!!! It fucked up my endgame 30 bomb yesterday and im pissed. Activision are so dumb. And the people that care or ask for these events. Are they existent??

  6. Those numbers have no major meaning to them. The numbers are the same numbers that are used in Black Ops, the ascension code I think it was called

  7. I wish they would quit tying these events to warzone and warzone should be separate. If I wanted to play a kitty game like warzone play fortnite

  8. Stupid numbers,, I'm down to the last three people in solos .then these stupid annoying numbers start counting and I can't her any of the game .and of course I'm killed .honestly warzone is a joke .my own fault for logging in after 5 months but least I know its still crap ,

  9. i wish this thing could just fuck off. i don't care about it and being half deaf several times a game is just obnoxious. fuck, i've got all the places already, why do i still have to listen to that shit?

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