Call of duty vanguard

DO NOT Buy Call of Duty Vanguard on Xbox One & PS4

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Anyone else feel like the Xbox One & PS4 versions suck?


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  1. turns out if you turn off demand texture streaming it actually stops the freezing. This is the first reddit solution that actually works per Π_Shaboinky_Π

  2. I got the standard version for Xbox one I have a series S….should I just stay with the standard or get the cross play next gen version and also how would I do that? I’m New to Xbox 😂

  3. i think it’ll get better. cw was also total trash at release but the gameplay and bugs and crashes got better after some updates. hope the same goes for vanguard

  4. I think you're right, also the next gen & PC make up of the most players on next gen hardware. Last gen consoles just can't keep up due to bigger sized files & maps,textures, ray tracing. The last gen are struggling to keep up, not that they can't but barely can.

  5. 1:27 super dramatic, it is very easy to compete. If you're performing significantly worse on the old gen, then it's mostly just placebo.

  6. i played the beta on ps4 hated it then played it on my xbox series x perfect fine so yeah don’t get it on last gen unless you have a one x that was waay better than the ps4 too

  7. .next year apear ps6 and what you do with you ps5? if you buy ps 5 it's you problem maibe you have a lot of money to buy all version of ps. This is only comercial and idiot like you buy all version, it's you problem. I play this game on pc and run very well

  8. Does dev error 149 not exist for you guys ? Like I’m trying to play campaign and I it just keeps booting me off!

  9. lol 2 of my mates that play vanguard on ps5 and I play it on ps4 and I can beat them there’s really no difference at all

  10. Wanna know the sad part? When the next gen comes out (say in 7 or 8 years) it's gonna make this gen (Xbox Series X/PS5) look bad. The cycle will never end.

  11. Meanwhile me who's still enjoying Zombies in Spaceland on the PS4 this 2022: Guess I won't!

  12. I’m sorry but this video is stupid, I’m not spending hundreds of dollars for a new console when my Xbox one has worked perfectly fine for over 5 years. 😐

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