Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty – VANGUARD – All Assault Rifle Attachments ~ BAR

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Please take your time to pause & read descriptions, did my best to slow it down enough for others to speed read etc ?
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  1. Fun fact: non of them is an assault rifle except for the SgG44 and the Gusstloff 1-5.

    Edit: 0:45 That's an M1 Carbine mag pouch…the BAR isn't compatible to the .30 Carbine round nor to the M1 Carbine mags…

  2. I came here to see what bullshit they could pull with the BAR and I was NOT disappointed, .50 BMG 30 round mag hahahahahahahahaha

  3. The .50 BMG 30 round magazine makes negative sense. Firstly, the magazine would have to be twice the size along with the receiver of the gun to hold those rounds, and secondly, the model for that mag is literally a freaking 30 round 5.56 STANAG magazine that they put tape over and tilted to mask its appearance. 30 round STANAGs didn't exist for another 20+ years and were completely incompatible with BARs. Sure gave me a good laugh though, I can give it that

  4. "aLtErnAte hIsToRy" Bruh to me that seems like a dumb excuse to add dumb stuff like red dots and 50 B.M.G rounds to a WW2 gun.

  5. Why are all of the magazines so weird. The caliber conversions, the incorrect sizing, or the fact it wouldn't blatantly function. Like, 50 bmg is over twice the length of a 30-06.

  6. "Mark, why did you put a sniper scope on the machine gun?"

    "uhh.. to look for enemy on long range.. i guess.."

  7. Bayonet, 8mm Conversion, Monitor muzzle break, maybe a shorter barrel and the padded stock with a Zeiss Glass on there and that's how I would use it, basically a modded up Polish BAR ( they were actually chambered for 8mm Mauser).

  8. idc about people crying about historical accuracy in a cod game
    these ridiculous attachments are just more fun to me

  9. I feel like the thing people aren't pointing out is that eve before all the attachments the gun doesn't even look right, like how the handguard and charging handle look wrong AF, its like they just took a couple of BAR Silhouettes and made the rest up

  10. 50 caliber Browning Automatic Rifle? LOL! Cod devs have no idea how gun logic works. Seriously the recoil would be insane.

  11. Imagine being so low on the poverty line that you transcend into a new dimensional plane where you learn to make a coat hanger angled fore-grip and duct tape it to your BAR

  12. yooooo, lemme just tactically change from reflex to scout sight while billy is bleeding out and my squad is being gunned down because im hallucinating and this is all a dream.

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