Call of duty vanguard

Call Of Duty Vanguard's Mechanics Are Extremely Safe

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My Mechanical Review of Vanguard’s Beta #Vanguard #CallofDuty
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  1. This was very well written. I've never really played COD but of what I have, radar and footsteps are my two most disliked things about these games. As a new player, I would just die every 12 seconds, and players were running and gunning at 1 million miles per hour. This sounds way more up my alley

  2. The biggest problem is the muzzle flash for me. Half of the time you cannot see where you are aiming because of all the effects.

  3. Even if the player's character's voice was a glitch, it would be cool for the developers to work that into the game with more lines added nearly everything else too.

  4. The way i see it call of duty has practically exhausted all of their settings: we have gone to WW2, Vietnam(black ops), more recent middle eastern conflicts, and the future. They have even exhausted the weapon pool with all the newly added weapons in MW 2019, that don’t really seem to feel all that different from the base guns. People have also been clamoring for Activision to take a break with the yearly releases to no avail. However While this is a needed thing. I personally think it won’t do much because from what i have the general consensus right now on vanguard is “WW2 again?” Or insert any setting you want really (thats all speculation so take it with a grain of salt). What they need to do is something “different” something we haven’t seen before, like a steam punk setting where your fighting clock work soldiers and throwing magic grenades or something.

    TLDR: Where the hell can they really go next with out it feeling like another rehash of another game? Therefore why not experiment with a weird setting like steam punk to recapture some of your audience? (Yes i know its financially safer to go with the previously used settings)

  5. I really like the presentation of your videos Ethos. My opinion of Vanguard can really be summed up in one sentence. Same thing with a new coat of paint. Although all these subtle details you mentioned give it a different feel to it.

  6. Not showing up on the minimap discourages movement. The more info teams have, the easier it is to push.

    CoD works best when stealth affects your damage output. When everyone is stealthy with little drawback, the pace grinds to a stop.

  7. Wanna say I've really enjoyed these last two videos from you man. I feel like I can see your game dev wheels in motion as you talk about these games which is refreshing to me. If that's intentional I think it's a good call. But you've always been very level headed when it comes to how you look at games so that's no surprise.

    I haven't played CoD in a long time and the last one I played was the remake of Modern Warfare granted I really only played it for the story I feel like I've grown out of the Multiplayer world of CoD. Still, I'm looking forward to hearing more from you on this and other games going forward.

  8. I played both Cold War and the Vanguard beta heavily and the general consensus was we're skipping COD this year. On Console we found the TTK quite unreliable and the general movement and visual changes we felt were downgrades from Cold War. It just felt like we didn't have the ability to outplay like we did on Cold War and in comparison to Cold War's visual clarity this game felt very muddy. I think it's just a result of choosing the WW2 era that's caused a lot of these issues but yeah wasn't really a fan of the beta.

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