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Rating All The Killstreaks in Vanguard – Call of duty

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I’ll be going over every single Killstreak in Call of duty Vanguard and letting you know what ones are over powered and which ones you shouldn’t even bother getting, in this video i’ll be going over all 10 Killstreaks such as Intel, Care Package,Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane, Glide Bomb, Deathmachine, Motor Barrage, War Machine,Flamenaught and of course the 10 kill Attack dogs.

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Intro: 0:00
Recon: 0:44
Care Package: 1:19
UAV: 2:12
Counter UAV: 2:45
Glide Bomb: 3:00
Deathmachine: 3:43
Mortar Barrage: 4:47
Warmachine: 5:47
Flamenaught: 6:47
Attack Dogs: 7:45
Final Thoughts: 8:34

With Call of duty Vanguards Multiplayer Beta now released i will be uploading more content around the Multiplayer of this game, going over all the weapons such as the Thompson,STG44, MG34,MP-40,1911,Revolving Shotgun, Kar98k, Bar, DP27,3-Line Rifle, Auto loading Shotgun.They also have killstreaks such as the Flamenaut, V2 Rocket and the Deathmachine.The perks in game are Demloition,Tracker,Double time,Ghost, Survival Training, High alert and Foward Intel. But today i’m using the Bar Assault rifle. With broken spawns on Patrol in Vanguard this is my Highest kill game yet in call of duty vanguard.

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