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Call of Duty: Vanguard Beta vs Modern Warfare

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Call of Duty: Vanguard feels like a hybrid between Modern Warfare 2019 and Call of Duty: WW2. It has many of Modern Warfare’s advances like gun customization and adds some flavor to maps by way of limited destruction. But Vanguard also falls behind Modern Warfare in a few key areas. Let’s talk about where Vanguard stacks up to recent Call Of Duty games and how it might compete this year with other AAA shooters like Battlefield. 

Call of Duty: Vanguard, being developed by Sledgehammer Games, is the next title following Black Ops – Cold War. Unlike Cold War, Vanguard runs on a modified engine used for Modern Warfare 2019. As we played through the recent Vanguard beta, we couldn’t help but notice the major similarities, and important differences, between Vanguard and Modern Warfare. 

In this video, we’re going to take a look at the Vanguard Beta from a Modern Warfare perspective and analyze how, in some cases, Vanguard feels like a reskinned version of 2019’s title. For many fans, Modern Warfare took the COD franchise in a completely new direction, with its porous open maps, tactically inspired weapon handling, and heavy gun customization. Modern Warfare also introduced the now free-to-play battle royale game Warzone. Vanguard appears to expand on Modern Warfare’s Gunsmith menu and adds some new features like limited environmental destruction, movable objectives, a reworked minimap, and the ability to choose the “combat pacing” which varies the number of players and the kinds of matches you play with others. However, Vanguard takes steps back toward classic Call of Duty map design with smaller three-lane layouts, easier-to-handle weapons, and familiar killstreaks. 

We don’t know much yet about the new Warzone map coming with the launch of Vanguard, but we do know the transition between multiplayer and battle royale will be much smoother than in past series entries, with Vanguard sporting many of the same mechanics as Modern Warfare. Call Of Duty: Vanguard is set to launch on November 5, now two weeks before the delayed Battlefield 2042.

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  1. Modern Warfare felt like a Next Gen CoD and then treyarch and sledgehammer came along made it feel arcade again like really Arcade

  2. Some attachments are totally ridiculous for a WW2 game!
    My guess is the campaign will be good, but the multiplayer will be pretty bad.

  3. 2020: Mw is better than cold war
    2021: Mw is better than vanguard
    2022: Mw2 is better than mw
    2040: mw2019 is better than prehistoric warfare

  4. If Vanguard had a 50v50 Ground War mode on the beaches of Normandy or in the city of Berlin that would be super dope as hell. Unfortunately no, this game is all MW glory in Graphics but none of the substance.

  5. Hate Cold War didn’t have Ground war & infected Mode and Cold War looking like a cartoon and I haven’t played the new Cod maybe I mite not play I already played ww2 why play this one hate it the Weapons

  6. Oh one more thing they need to add ground war because the maps are to damn big on vanguard make no Since they going to have them for 5v5 that’s madness

  7. It just feels like activision doesn’t try to make solid games anymore, it’s just a quick cash grab now days. Rinse and repeat sadly.

  8. 9:30 me and our squad loves the minimap. I think there's nothing wrong about it. This is Call of duty and we don't want it to be like Hell let loose. That is one of the reason we are not playing hell let loose in the first place. We don't enjoy playing hardcore realistic modes, we are here to have fun not to dominate the entire universe.

  9. the worst will be that vanguard weapons will be forced on warzzone and those will be meta and the only way to consistently upgrade those weapons will be on their shitty vanguard game, and they will introduce cracy and colorful skins with scope from 25 years later etc etc im not buying vanguard

  10. I legit would have been completely fine if cod took a break and all we had was MW2019. MW2019 was so much better then every cod coning ouy

  11. Mw 2019 is the worst cod in the series lol I can tell this guy is under a 1kd judging by the bots sbmm is giving him in this gameplay lol

  12. 4:26 you can peak before blind firing actually. Idk how PC has to do it but PlayStation and Xbox have to push the trigger in half way to do it. My friend on the PS5 said the adaptive trigger really helps with doing it.

  13. If you like the gun modding on vanguard – play EFT (Escape from Tarkov) it's far far superior in this aspect and it's absolutely amazing, different game by far though

  14. Bruh, 1. There’s going to be 20 maps @ launch, and the maps in MW are fing terrible and don’t even get me started with footsteps

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