Call Of Duty Warzone

*NEW* WARZONE BEST HIGHLIGHTS! – Epic & Funny Moments #559

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WARZONE Top Call Of Duty Plays Best Moments – NEW WARZONE BEST HIGHLIGHTS! – Epic & Funny Moments #559 Submit …


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  1. Some of these clips are so basic in every video. Those are not top warzone moments. Those are regular everyday clips. And yes there are good moments as well. Appreciate the dedication but it seems like you choose the first submissions without consideration for the good plays of others just to get the video quickly out there.

  2. It's not warzone anymore its hackzone I literally gotten so many hackers trash talking me saying I'm bad at the game yet they're so bad they have to cheat with walls and aimbot and they think that they're slick by not aiming at you through the wall and just keeping you in the corner of their screen so they can see you still like you're not that slick my guy ?

  3. The numbers update is by far the worst update I’ve ever experienced in a game. Makes no sense to take away audio in a game that HEAVILY relies on your surroundings

  4. 3:17 , 6:32 , 6:38 , 10:22 ( this one is the more strange ones but if you wtch closely you can see it shift easy shot in this order. 1-Left knee 2-left 3-left elbow 4 headshot 5 right elbow 6 right hip.. it is an attemp to hide aimbot. and this setting is common place now.
    are all hackers…. c'mon guys don't give these idiots anymore attention then they already get…. it's super easy to tell now….. and if you doubt me just watch any and/or all of those time stamps with the speed slowed down to .25 and you will see what I mean, not humanly possible and no that isn't aim assist.

  5. At 6:44 he knocked that guy with 13 bullets? How can u knock someone with 13 shots . especially with a bullfrog. I'm not calling the dude a hacker or nothing but if a gun is knocking someone that fast it needs to be nerfed

  6. At 17:17 that guy has to be cheating somehow. theres literally no way. No one shot at him or nothing and he just wips around and pre fires that window. How did he know there was a guy behind him?

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