Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Ghosts vs Call of Duty Vanguard (OLD VS NEW)

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Call of Duty Ghosts vs Call of Duty Vanguard (OLD VS NEW)


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  1. Vanguard smells like 90 year old fanny. Should have just continued working on MW2019, it's legit just a copy and paste reskin of it, shameful sledgehammer…

  2. Cod ghost campaign was an 8/10 | The extinction mode was actually pretty decent for what it was | Survival mode was ok, nothing beats mw3 survival | Multiplayer and the perk system was balanced but the fact that some of the maps where way to big and infested with campers no wonder people hated it.

  3. Cod ghost played strikezone everytime getting all the jugs also the support squad and the AI jugg and getting 3-4 of them on ps3 man so much i want to buy a ps3 only to play cod ghost again good times. Thank you Tiago Spartan Beast that you learned us how much fun cod ghost was.

  4. Hey bro u know i rellly like vanguard allthough i say ghosts is the best of all tine.. wanna have a nice talk?

  5. i dont get how the newer games get more demanding even though they dont look any better and the visibility somehow gets worse. Lets take mw19, if I play shipment half the map is lenseflared to hell and theres soooo many particles by the trashdumpsters as well that i have to squint my eyes to spot people. If they have a rose skin or something close to it I wont even see them. long distance fights are a nogo for me on that game.

  6. B ruh ghost is trash , extiction was boring, too many huge maps, boring kill streaks, the multiplayer is basically harcore. Vanguard will have zombies, more kill streaks, and good size maps for 6v6, bo2 time to kill. No one cares about campaign lol

  7. I get the feeling the last gen Vanguard port is poorly optimized on purpose, so in that way people could feel forced to migrate to the new gen of console. Something similar happened when Black Ops 3 got released on PS3/360.

  8. This could’ve been a fun ghosts throwback video, instead it’s a vanguard hate video. For fuck sake this is getting old.

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