Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Beta: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S Multiplayer + 120Hz Modes Tested!

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An early look at the state of Call of Duty Vanguard on next-gen consoles, as compared to the PS4 Pro edition. New features over last-gen include a 120Hz mode, boosted resolutions and a curious texture streaming mode – all dissected here.

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  1. 1:35 – "There is handy new filter called combat pacing" – That will put you in a match with Tactical combat pacing, despite you having chosen Blitz combat pacing…

  2. I played this beta on both the PS5 and Xbox Series X and got stutter on both. Was very distracting when playing.

  3. It runs and looks like ass on PC, and despite being on a newer engine than Black Ops Cold War, it still doesn't have DLSS.

  4. I don’t understand why they’re not utilizing the Series S to its full extend…rather opting for a PS4 like resolution set (1080p DRS)

  5. This game looks so dated compared to other titles. They should really upgrade to a newer engine, it's getting a bit old now

  6. This game is a scam… PS plus at least gifted Hell Let Loose and its much better than this. Its another ww2 with no new mechanics, just a WWII using new engine. Really? Im not going to buy this one. Battlefield 2042 is much much better and a must buy… but this? This is a joke.

  7. You notice they didn't tell you the resolution on the Xbox series s it's running at 900p the last game Xbox

  8. When I heard it was ww2 again I sighed but after playing the beta I’m excited to finally get back into cod after a long break since the disappointment of cold war

  9. Tbh, I really think activision should stop releasing new cods every year and just work on a new cod and work on it for another 4 or 5 years cos its not too late, they can still come back with a masterpiece, they could still make cod great again, its not too late Activision just scrap this game all together and go back in the studio, go and make cod great again!

  10. Wow….. im rolling with the series x on this one! Microsoft knew what they was doing this time around when they added vrr!

  11. Damn its already time for a new cod i haven't played the current one much..i think ww2 was the most intense one. I play apex more than cod now

  12. Gotta say, that visual improvement from PS4 Pro to PS5 is marginal at best. Just speaking strictly graphics here.

  13. Another unoptimized COD game. PLS devs take ur time and optimise the game for consoles, ur game will seriously look NEXT GEN

  14. Anyone experiencing weird bugs when playing shipment and theirs a lot of explosions and thermites? On xbox s x
    1440p monitor 120hz?

  15. you can clearly see the xbox series x fluctuates in fps way more than the PS5 does. Something as little as shooting a gun drops the frame rate from 120 to 100 sometimes even worse, when the PS5 maintains 120 and stays between 110-115 at the more intense moments

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