Call Of Duty Warzone

Tactical Solo Dolo With The Kriss Vector – Call Of Duty Warzone

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Welcome to a series where I discuss my favorite weapon builds in the game and why! I will be showing you unique builds and how to most effectively use them in game.

Today we covering my first solo victory in a while and it happened to be with the Kriss Vector as my main weapon. A pretty tactical solo win here for you guys, let me know what you think down below!


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  1. Love, love, love this gun it’s very underrated! Feels like Cold War SMGs are just overshadowing it like the MAC-10, Bullfrog or OTs-9 but the Fennec is one of my favorites with the CX-9!

  2. It’s always nice to see people slay out with off meta weapons rather than the same old meta cheese like the Bullfrog, Swiss K31, or the C58.

  3. Way more interesting to watch more tactical gameplay with more tactical weapons, rather than running around with fast TTK Smg + *zero recoil Ar*. Keep up the good work man ?

  4. I was grinding real hard with the Vector last year. It was fun with the free Multiplayer trial when I didn't had a Copy of the Game and had Warzone.

    I'd rather grind SMG and Short barreled Weapons on Multiplayer than Warzone.

  5. At first I didn't like the Fennec all that much, but recently it has been very good, personally I prefer to use the monolithic to not slow the weapon to much and the 1mW laser to help the hip-fire spread but not being visible to enemies and sleight of hand instead of an optic

  6. Movie Weapon Conversions idea: The Borne Identity

    Modify the GRAU 5.56 like the SG550 sniper build, but equip the FSS 20.8" NEXUS barrel and the Monolithic Suppressor to replicate the sniper rifle used by the Treadstone Agent 'Professor'.

    Modify the CR-56 Amax by equipping the FSS 8.3" Intruder and either the the 'No stock' or CR-56 EXO stock to resemble the Micro Galil, used by Treadstone Agent 'Castel'.

  7. Phenomenal gameplay there.
    I myself run Vector all the time and am pretty satisfied with it. It shreds in close quarters combat.

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