Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard – Angry Review

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AngryJoe heads back to WWII in Call of Duty’s Latest yearly release, can Vanguard live up to the franchises long history and is it worth you time or investment? Find out!

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  1. when the fk did women participated in this war in real life in these specific missions?? fuck political correctness

  2. At 8:00 Joe, that mission is highly reminiscent of the two missions from CoD MW and MW2 when you storm the white house to keep it from being taken over by the Russians. This mission has been done countless times but in way better formats.

  3. Lol now that I'm seeing it I decided hell no cod vanguard failed badly as u can see clips of the interviews that the developers say aren't ture smh ?

  4. Cold War was supposed to be sludge hammer sludge hammer had to give it to Treyarch so they only had a year to make vanguard

  5. Lol I don't want them to make vanguard 2 ,3,4,5 and how many that there going to make pls God no seeing this vanguard I'm glad that I didn't get it and for these developers that said that they don't know the original characters from previous cod games that's bs. This cod game hopefully won't have a second game coming out

  6. see, these guys are falling into the same trap that DMs for tabletop RPGs fall into… thinking about events further down the line and focusing on that rather than making the session that is about to happen be the funnest session in the campaign so far.

  7. 20:47 I'm Sorry is that Wehrmacht Soldier wearing a mix of battle fatigues and a modern fucking kit with Knee-Pads? Christ on a crutch they didn't even try.

  8. I haven't played this game but I'm so discouraged with the games industry since 2018 there are no games innovating on game play its all copy and paste from games that do it way better…

  9. I would just give a cod worst rating every year by a star until they make them better, this deserves lower then 4/10.

  10. I am actually so disappointed. The game just lags constantly terrible respawns. They have focused on getting a game out a year and dropped the qaulity . I think the designers need to actually play it and be honest and they would know it is terrible

  11. Spend £450 on a ps5 and get this shit game that lags all the time freezes , worst call of duty to be made. Proper dropped the ball with this game terrible

  12. Bro bigging up processed juices whilst criticising games is contradictory & whack?? Coming from guy who waged war on loot boxes is hypocrisy beyond hypocrisy

  13. If you're watching this and are still thinking about buying it out of curiosity, let me tell you that everything Joe is saying is 100% correct. The campaign is fun for maybe 10 mins and then gets boring. .. But God the multi-player is ridiculous. He doesn't mention this but you run like you are on meth… Super mf fast!…. SUPER MF FAST!

    Like… what the hell?

  14. cod ww2 had a better story narative and actually felt like it had weight as a story where as this game's story does not and uses too many cliche plots/ other cliche's.

    change my FREAKING mind

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