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How To Fix Lag in Call Of Duty Vanguard

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Minimize lag in Call of Duty Vanguard with DumaOS. We show you how to set up the Geo-Filter to guarantee that you play on a local server with low ping. We also show you how to set up QoS and optimize the settings to make sure nothing else on your network can slow you down! #DumaOS #Vanguard #GetUnfair

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  1. I've set my Geo-Filter to 900km and ping assist to 0, the auto ping is 16ms but the in game ping is from 23-35ms, as soon as the in game ping goes above 27ms i end up loosing a lot of gun fights, are the servers really taking 10-18ms to respond? or is it the load on the servers during busy times?
    if i set my ping assist to 20ms i will connect to bad servers 90% of the time outside of my 900km range.

  2. Do this again but also show your in game ping by enabling it in the interface section on call of duty. Show netduma ping and cid in game ping side by side.

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