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Nintendo Switch BAD NEWS For Physical Games Dropped…

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Join me as we walk through all the new Nintendo Switch News including the announcement of SteamWorld HeadHunter potentially coming to Nintendo Switch! Grand Theft Auto Trilogy receives a full music list and gameplay enhancements list! And, the bad news around Physical Nintendo Switch Game releases that we are seeing more and more of today…
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00:00 Intro
01:13 SteamWorld HeadHunter Announced!
03:35 Grand Theft Auto Trilogy NEW Details
07:30 Nintendo Switch BAD NEWS For Physical Games


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  1. Let me know if you buy games physically or digitally and which games you're most excited for this year and next! Also, please hit the like button before you leave! 🙂

  2. I guess at the very least, it’s not like that Tony Hawk game that literally was download only even if you got it physically on a disc. I’m glad that it’s technically still “playable” w/o the day 1 patch, but Nintendo should not be pushing out unfinished games for their main IPs especially.

  3. Give us Darkrai and Shaymin in BDSP. Event or not…would prefer the latter.
    Playing Ocarina of Time again on the Switch Online and falling back in love with it again despite having aged like a fine wine in the graphical prospective. Meh…BDSP looks gorgeous and will keep all of us occupied until Legends: Arceus and Breath of the Wild 2 in January. Fun times.

  4. Hope ya get feeling better soon. As for a full having a full game from the start here's hoping for now on games will be full games from the start. As for getting games it might be easier for my brother to help me get games from the e-shop since we don't live close to a game store and we've already been keeping games/gaming things where they're not seen and not played most of our games in a long time the more we get the less room we'll have. As for the Zelda streams I'm glad ya didn't start them today I slept most of the day away and as for tomorrow I have a Dr appt in a town for another county so I might not be home to watch a live-stream according to when the stream is but I would watch the YT vid of it but I'm still hoping a YT channel I follow will stream more than just a few minutes of Super Mario 64/OoT/Mario Kart 64 'maybe let me play the game with the live-streamer'/Dr Mario 'maybe let me play it with the live-streamer'/Mario Tennis 'maybe let me play it with the live-streamer' while people are still enjoying N64 games added to NSO and I don't have gaming friends to play multiplayer NSO N64 games with.

  5. I’ve been going digital lately with my Nintendo Switch and it’s because of the convenience of it to be honest. I’ll be sure to get my digital copy of Brilliant Diamond when it comes out next Friday!

  6. i feel like for me personally the reason i will always collect physical media is so that i can say i've supported the devs/artists when i become a pirate

  7. I prefer physical so my family can play on theirs when I'm not playing a game but digital its exclusive to my switch and they can't play it while I'm playing or at work or something, but with physical I can leave it at home and let them play.
    Plus I collect them too and love having the actual copy cause my interest is crap and trying to download a physical copy takes an eternity and plus day one patches its usually a month before I would be able to play it. And this is for most updates but like the pokemon one its going to be crap and take forever it needs to stop.

  8. havent bought physical since 2017. all my games on switch since launch are digital. collecting physical discs and cases is a thing of the past

  9. I will always have physical games because I don't want to have a glorified brick if/when they shut down content stores.
    I bought a shit load of VC stuff on the Wii from N64 games to snes etc … I cand access those anymore because Nintendo decided to turn off the store and prevent me accessing my purchases, that is absolute bs and practices like this should be made illegal globally!

  10. when you buy digital copies once they're on your memory card they're yours rite will u still be able to use the memory card in different systems to play the game ?????

  11. Oh yeah one more thing if you put your memory card in a friends console wouldn't they be able to load the game off your memory card??????

  12. You really want a physical copy of a game? Become a pirate and Rob a container ship or two.. Or wait till the container ship problem gets solved.

  13. Physical copies of exclusive games like mario pokemon zelda then digital games as I collect them for 3 party games like the witcher doom and need for speed as I can play them also on playstation as I might be able to get them on sale

  14. If we're going down this path of only digital games, they need to be cheaper. There's no reason you need to pay full price for a game where the company didn't produce it on physical software.

    Also, they need to make the Four Swords Anniversary Edition available for download again.

  15. I got Grand theft auto trilogy digital and I will get Pokémon brilliant diamond digital as well. It's alot easier to buy games digital than physical. I take public transportation alot and less games cartridges to haul around the better.

  16. I think all digital is just stupid its to narrow as you can't let friends borrow your games and what not its just a dumb idea there needs to be physical cartridges or game cards or what ever you want to call it your also kind of shitting on people that like to hold their games in physical form

  17. The Nintendo switch port of Grandtheft auto the trilogy is not very good some of the missions are almost impossible I’ve only been able to complete them by glitching racing missions are almost impossible because cars just appear a few inches in front of you what you almost have to crash

  18. Putting out physical games that require a large download makes me skip the game all together. I only buy digital games if they are on sale for like 10 bucks.

  19. When games go fully digital and physical games are no longer available that's the day my gaming career will be completely over

  20. If I can't have a physical copy I'll take digital. If I can get a physical copy I will. I don't want an all digital library. Yes it's more convenient but also fills up more memory. I'd rather be able to play all my games whenever I want to play them and not wait until I have to get more memory or a second system which is NOT cheap BTW ?

  21. Totally agree that they shouldn't release physical copies unfinished, its unprofessional, it doesn't give me the confidence that the next time I'm buying my physical copy I will be receiving the full game, like WTF Nintendo?

  22. So if you preordered game and it got canceled day after how many days should you get your money back in your account

  23. I'm All Digital with my Nintendo switch because it's convenient and I don't have to look for cartridges everywhere

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