Call of duty vanguard

THIS WEAPON IS FROM HELL in CALL OF DUTY VANGUARD ? | BEST Combat Shotgun Class in Vanguard!!

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Try this Shotgun in Vanguard Before its NERFED!! I present to you the best combat shotgun class in vanguard and it’s completely broken. As I said in the title, this weapon is from hell in call of duty vanguard. This is the best weapon in vanguard right now, so get on it!


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  1. First of all I'm watching this as I'm waiting for our carnitas at our Local Grocery store
    Secondly, I hate this damn gun, already raged quit from all those try hards yesterday ?
    Thats why i use the Auto-Loading shotgun, aka the Browning Auto 5, we Americans who love the guns of yore, so much history.

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