Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard ALL MODES REVIEW

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After finishing the campaign, hitting first prestige, and playing too much zombies, here’s my review of COD Vanguard – the newest Call of Duty title.

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  1. @geekypastimes I love the multiplayer and agree with you 100%!!!! It’s just fun. About half way through campaign. It’s pretty good as well. Haven’t played zombies yet. I watched your other video on it. So I’ll try it one day but not in a rush. Good video.

  2. The matchmaking is still unfair, I know that if you are above average it isn't fair to say that I should be playing Noobs but my multiplayer games definitely does not compare to your gameplay in the vid.

    The first game is usually ok and after that I have to sweat my ass off to keep up otherwise I get absolutely wrecked…

  3. Agree with you as well. Think they made the game mw2019 could have been. The map design really helps with this. Much better flow than previous entries, guns feel good. Gives me MW2 vibes. Everything is op which cancels itself out making a fun experience

  4. So say that Santa has already told you that you could only get 1 game this Christmas which would you pick.. Vanguard or battlefield 2042? I am a 100% multiplayer kind of guy. I almost never play the campaigns and I already know that zombies is a complete joke in vanguard as well. I am asking you in particular because i value your opinion on video games. I cannot decide which one to tell Santa? Lol

  5. The map destruction is pretty cool, I think it works very well, imo a lot better than BF2042. Which is kinda odd/surprising to me considering how much it was one of BF's bragging points.. a lot of YouTuber's made it seem like it was on another level for BF and it would set it apart from CoD, but after playing both games (BF beta) CoD Vanguard has inplemented it into gameplay much better..imo.

  6. Thank you for the awesome review! I feel like this was really thorough overview. The multiplayer does sound really good! Also @ 8:08 that enemy thinking they were tricksy xD.

  7. Do you still think Vanguard is worth it since the season 1 update? I have an xbox one s. Just wanted to know cause a lot of people seem to be talking about how bad it is even though the multiplayer seems to be pretty good. Thinking about getting it soon while it is on sale for $39.

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