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How the Ghost Perk Works in Call of Duty Vanguard

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In todays video I’ll do a full breakdown of the Ghost Perk in Call of Duty Vanguard. Every year we get some form of stealth perk to keep us off the minimap, but each year it works a little bit differently.
Today I’ll breakdown all the details, helping you improve your in-game awareness, and you’ll always know when you’re safe from enemy Field Mics, Intel, Spy Planes, and Local Informants.
Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Right on! Nice detailed information. I've been using Ninja and love it, but I still haven't dabbled with the others much yet. Ghost will probably be next. I think Ninja is a bit over the top because of the complete silence, but I mainly play FFA where it shows more.

  2. Superbly researched and presented! You make fantastic content and deserve way more attention. May the algorithmic Gods favor you soon Favstar!

  3. Great channel. Love the explanation for ghost and how to use it. I would assume you will do one for forward intel and countering it. Look forward to other perk and weapon videos. Thanks.

  4. How are you liking this game over Cold War?

    My biggest issue is visibility. Half the time I feel like im just shooting at the red indicator and not actually people. Seeing people is so difficult whereas MW2019 and Cold War i never had any issues at all lol

  5. Ninja for s and d, ghost for TDM and all those types of modes simply cause already so loud don’t need to try and be quiet. Also, ghost is a perk that is only needed those rounds they have a spy plane up, which is maybe half, while ninja I benefit from every single game

  6. Nice video…I didnt realise how it only works when youre moving. So my mates a camper and he uses ghost…so surely this is redundant for him?

  7. Thanks for the details. I hit the internet up just now trying to figure out if Ghost even worked after I kept being found easily when moving slowly or not moving. Seems counter intuitive that it works only if you move fast lol

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