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sledgehammer game developers playing vanguard! – BBB GAMING NEWS

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Welcome to BBB Gaming News, the Unbiased Gaming news channel with a comedic value. @SLEDGEHAMMER GAMES game developers playing vanguard! – BBB GAMING NEWS

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  1. hi im warzone the game, here are some thing i do for fun:
    1. i run optimally, rarely, almost never
    2. i say no more metas but i lie
    3. i give assistance to controller players since they have to use their thumbs, i mean thats a lot of work for thumbs so i gotta help these "pros"
    4. i allow all players, so you should do the reporting, even when cronus looks like aim assist, i need you to use those two and a half seconds on deathcam replay to report the cheater.
    ahhh such a fun game?

  2. The games crap the perks are a mess. Rocket launchers kill team mates if there next to you on hardcore. The game became boring after one week all ready ? nothing to play on it as there no fun game modes like infected HQ capture the flag cyber attack gun game demolition honestly waste of money

  3. I had one of these guys in my game earlier today. Watching the kill cam looked to me like he had aimbot. Was snapping onto me on every kill I saw!!! Maybe testing the cheat software.

  4. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, there’s a post on your sub Reddit gaining traction everyday. The post describes how you went from a 0. KD to a 5KD within a few days. Can you explain that?

  5. Idk. I found one player today with that clan tag and reported him XD. If they are game developers then they should not worry. I think they are cheaters. C'mon activision, release ricochet asap.

  6. I ran username: Activision Admin for a period of time and I would chat with random teams about working for Activision. It was a jolly good troll.

  7. I feel like now is the perfect time for another game developer to come along and finally provide competition for cod by actually dealing with cheaters properly.

  8. Game Studios have QA teams (game testers) whose sole job is to test the game. Of course they are in the game in real lobbies and most likely on private servers

  9. Hey BBB look up the Youtuber Bubs… He posted a tutorial vid yesterday on how to give yourself the Developer clan tags like the Raven one, or Sledgehammers, also the Infinity Ward clan tags. It also can change the color of the clan tag. Bubs is a youtuber that posts easy glitches, Zombies glitch tutorials, camo and operator glitches and things like that for the COD games. I'd say the majority of the Clan tags people are seeing are just regular players with the Clan tags added to troll.

  10. Classic WAW type clan tag setups, back in the day you could put in the clan tag things like red, teal, pink, n so on to change the colour of it n i have been seeing these SHG while playing solely PlayStation Players only.

  11. Of course developers play. Was a big thing back in BF3 too to kill someone with a Dice dog tag because it meant they were a dev.

  12. This is kinda bad research …. just like mw with the coloured names … its just a small glitch on top of all the broken stuff in the game

  13. [SHG .] = sledgehammer logo
    [RVN .] = RAVEN

    these tags without the brackets turn into the dev tags. its not the devs anyone can do it. it wont show until you are in a match.

  14. When are you gonna confess to still cheating in warzone?
    22nd of may yourself & Rambo dropped 47kills in a quads game! You got 38 of those kills! That's 47 kills as a duo against quads! You hit 13k damage yet only took 92 damage!!!! 17 kills were in the first circle alone! This is 100% proof that you were hacking & there are multiple other instances of games where you and your boys, Rambo, snail official, SebBstar (snail officials alt account btw, wasn't hard to find out just by watching his older YouTube vids) were hacking & still are hacking on warzone & vanguard. You are a disgrace & the more people that wake up & see you as the fraud you are the better.

  15. I dont play with crossplay on and have played 2 xbox players with this clan tag so maybe there are playing but i supposethey could have someoneon pc do it then play on there profile on xbox

  16. Idk, I've seen those myself. Thought it might've been a going online on the website to change your clan tag or something. But it would make sense with the devs actually playing the game. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links devs from Konami has actually played their game a little bit, actually testing things before they release new cards, because they've been Limiting some cards before a release of a new box.

  17. I got a good content video , look up Sidelogic he has the craziest non human noscopes. Check him out he uses walls an no spread 1000%

  18. just type SHG . in your clan tag and you can get his icon its no hack DUMMY (BBB keeps deleting this hahaha what a clown)

  19. I’ve come across SHG they ain’t devs they are players but not sure if they hacking as they so bad at the game lol

  20. I was playing last night and came across this but his name was Apex and same clan tag symbol shows while playing but as soon as they go to lobby the sledge hammer symbol goes ?‍♂️

  21. I can bet then this piece of shit anticheat not gonna prevent nothing it's took ages to battleye easy anticheat to perfect protection and now company that never had anticheat in any multilayer games they made to prevent this shit show

  22. It's a cheat that unlocks everything including the Sledgehammer tag. I seen a video from Nerocinema about a day or two after Vanguard released n he showed footage of a cheater with atomic camo unlocked n the Sledgehammer tag. Nero said that he asked the cheater about it n they said it was from an unlock all hack.

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