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THE INFECTED v11.2 New Update | MORE BUILDING | Game News | Patch Notes

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The new patch update v11.2 for The Infected update has more building pieces added for our builders focusing on adding more options for the corner piece.

To find out more, watch the video. Have a great day!

New Construction Pieces:
– Glass Corner Ceiling
– Wooden Corner Door Frame
– Brick Corner Door Frame
– Glass Corner Wall
– Glass Corner Frame
– Wooden Stairs R
– Concrete Stairs R
– Wooden Stairs L
– Concrete Stairs L

Currently in open alpha testing, The Infected is an open world sandbox, survival crafting game. Build your base, defend and protect yourself from wildlife and infected Vambies.


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  1. I have missed you building in The Infected, but I get it. Sometimes we need to drop off for a bit. I’m at the same spot, waiting for a few more updates before I return. Thanks for keeping this in your sights.

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