Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard is Dead Already ?

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That didn’t take long. Call of Duty: Vanguard has no one playing it.
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  1. And I thought Cold War was dead. On Saturday night I went on to play a couple 3v3 knife fights, couldn't get me a lobby so I restarted the game a couple times. Then it found me a game.. Wondered why I was lagging all over icbm. Asked my team what's going on and one guy went "Yo, you sound english? You're playing East Coast lobby" oh.. That explains why I'm all over the map then!

  2. It’s recycled yes but is actually pretty good compared to last years mess blood is back finally still not quite world at war but it’s decent better than that god forsaken Cold War

  3. OMG! Is the NOT 8 Thoughts????? The Mac Daddy is Baaaaaaaaccckkkkk?????! Couldn’t hit the like and Re Subscribe fast enough! ??????????

  4. 2042 is a disappointment. No wonder they released it one week later. Everything is so bugged. They are already using or making meta weapons.

  5. I'll say it's a fine mp FPS. I haven't played it, but Halo seems much better. At least Vangaurd runs as opposed to the piece of shit that is Battlefield 2042.

  6. your channels literally the only thing that's dead lmao, your just a man child in his mums basement angry cause he can't get a kill in literally the easiest game franchise??

  7. Better off buying ghost recon breakpoint they be making to many of these cod games their trash anyway they just put out anything so people can pre order it then they give you a broken game might as well buy ghost recon breakpoint you can do whatever you want in that game

  8. I’m still buying the game no matter what people say about the game because no matter how much problem hate the game I’m not a critic and I enjoy every game I’ve ever had including all the cod games that have had bad reviews. I’ll give an update to this comment after I get it tomorrow.

  9. im not a vg lover, but this is just blatantly false. ive gotten in full lobbies from 6v6 to 12v12 consistently. not one match has been "empty" unless its like 4v4 and theres not enough players in a huge ass map. (unless it depends on gamemode, ive gotten good lobbies on kill confirmed and snd.)

  10. Ooooh snap 8 thoughts… brooo!! I havnt been seein ya videos in along time i thought they deleted your account

  11. My little brother bought this shit a couple days ago and literally stopped playing it. BTW, he's 21 .. he's been playing cod for as long as anyone so he's fairly familiar with franchise , anyway I told him not to but that garbage he ignored me of course. He went and brought like an idiot only played it for 10 minutes and hasn't touched it since .. if he had 60 bucks to waste like that , he could've at least spent it on some weed ?

  12. Not surprised, most just grinded in Das Haus to level weapons for the new WZ map and theres no skill. Just run around pre-shooting doorways and choke points in Das Haus and your at least middle of the scoreboard. Even easier before they fixed the spawn points when you could just spawn camp. Main issue is, when the main motivation is weapon leveling grind and FOMO, people will gravitate to the easiest no skill content. Das Haus 24/7. Then the game is done till the new WZ map drops. Even most popular streamers have moved on.

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