Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard Review by BeardedBreakdown

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Call of Duty Vanguard review! it’s here!

00:00 Intro
00:53 Graphics
03:03 Gameplay
06:51 Writing and Story
07:58 How does it Run
09:25 Sound Design
12:58 Review

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  1. It will be cool Game to play with Friends after they fix the bugs issues but will not be Warzone Call of Duty Fans dream Game.
    Thanks for your tips Live at the end of the Review.
    Thanks to you I can tell my Friends to wait for a Sale to save them money.
    Brilliant Review Reviewer, one of the best around ❤️

  2. Now this is a game more up my street! I found it to be exactly as you described, It's completely different really to Warzone in terms of mechanics, and the 10 attachments per weapon is mind boggling! Amazing and professional review Alex. Loved it!

  3. Dope COD Review, as you said in the end Live waiting for bug's to be fixed and for a Sale is the wise thing to do.
    Thanks for giving us high quality Reviews ❤️?

  4. Another great review the channel is getting better and better each review I watch. Some really good snipes there in the review. You've saved me so much money with your reviews thank you so much for bringing us great content breaking down parts of the game that are selling points to us gamer's like story modes and for multiplayer activity. Can't wait to watch your next review

  5. Great review as always and confirms what most people are thinking about this game
    Love these reviews

  6. This Review is Fire Bro ? U 100% covered the good and the bad about the Game. U Live at the end of the Review giving tips really help us a lot.

  7. Great review as always mate, as all COD titles it has it's bugs but I am enjoying this one more than most of the previous games. Keep up the good work my friend!!

  8. Congrats on reaching your 1K milestone, Alex! Amazing achievement and true testimony of perseverance, passion and hard work! It's been great following your journey and watching how much you have grown over the past year! Keep being awesome! ?

  9. love it man!! i do love this game! been smashing it on stream so far. i think ill be making this my main game for now, i do think there are alot of issues with bugs

  10. Amazing!! Soon as we have the money we're getting this just for the story mode I love every story mode of all the call of duties 🙂 ??

  11. I love call of duty games, however, I feel that the older versions are over done. I’d like to see a more present time COD.

    Also, IMO, there is no greater “War” game than Medal of Honor Frontline

  12. Having played a lot of Vanguard I can honestly say that this is a great,honest and true review of this game 🙂

  13. Hey it's been awhile since I've watched your videos, I hope you've been good!
    Part of me wants to get COD Vanguard but I feel like I'll get bored of it after a few weeks

  14. I really like vanguard, the MP was refreshingly good ??I’m looking forward to the WZ crossover ?? Another banging review brother

  15. Love this review and how you did it!! Honestly i've been enjoying this game a bunch!! I've been thinking about doing Reviews for games but go with some of the retro games so this video kinda gives me an idea how I can do it!

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