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NEW AAA Xbox Series X EXCLUSIVE Revealed | Xbox Game LEAKS | Xbox News

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New AAA Xbox Series X exclusive game has just been revealed. New Xbox studio Compulsion Games Project Midnight just leaked.

Microsoft continues to lock down brand new Xbox games with their first party studios. With the PlayStation 5 having 3rd person action adventure games, Xbox needs one of those games.

Compulsion Games will bring a big AAA 3rd person adventure game to the Xbox Series X | S. Something Sony’s PS5 has had for a very long time.

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  1. Are you excited with these new details regarding Compulsion Games? Will they make a massive AAA game for the Xbox Series X.

  2. Days Gone was one of the best stories I ever played, 800+ days searching for his wife, selfish will never understand, journalist and uneducated public done great damage before many tried it. we will never play psychonauts we want realistic next gen visuals and animation dont start again this jokes like crackdown when we want Horizon Forbidden West, God of War, Days Gone, Ghost of Thushima, KOTOR, Fable, Starfield, The Elder Scrolls, Indiana J. never psychonauts look at their unhealthy logo

  3. A completely random comment: Do you think that since xbox is pushing gamepass, they'll eventually switch to digital and stop making consoles in future cause this is what seems like with the new series system as when they announce a game it's exclusive to xbox as well as to the pc whereas sony only have console exclusive and imo it's a solid reason to buy a PlayStation but in xbox u can just but gamepass and have all the stuff and yeah sony have been investing into the pc area recently but it's not a day 1 situation like xbox so what are your thoughts on this???

    PS. I am not a sony or xbox fanboy or anything as it's a genuine question that I wanna ask as I am curious to what will come next in future:)

  4. the way I'm imagining this game is a mix of Horizon Zero Dawn and Blood Born put in the setting of Hunt Showdown.

  5. I play mostly on PC, but I'm amped for all of the Xbox studios goodness. What a time to be a gamer.

    Game on!

  6. It’s an Indie game with 12 people making a cheese game look at the 3 illustration pictures they have lmao this zalker kid is so desperate recently he showed himself on the colt eastwood podcast and he looks poor and this is why I understand why he makes garbage videos at least once a day . He needs money . He rather try and make money then truly be a xbox real content creator that speaks the truth and not bs hype

  7. I don't know, Xbox doesn't need a 3rd person action adventure game. I want Xbox to focus on their strengths in RPGs and FPS. Is it bad to have diversity? Hell no, but I don't see anyone complaining that Sony and PlayStation can't get a compelling First Person Shooter, or a compelling RPG, or a great open world racer… And yes I realize PlayStation's push for Third party timed exclusives, but that doesn't change that the majority of PS First Party games are roughly the same genre, Third person action.

    I don't think Xbox sorely needs a third person action game. I think they need to release great games period. Let the studios do what they want. If it happens to be a Third Person Adventure game, awesome. But I will never demand that, because I wanna see uniqueness, not another Third Person Action Adventure game hitting the same story beats but told differently…

  8. Xbox lost the games argument last gen. Its nice to see them step it up. Hope it lights a fire under sony. The competition is good for everyone ?

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