Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard: Best Console Settings PS4/PS5

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Intro by Desarae Gonzalez
Channel Art by Adriana Hernandez
Outro Song by Stars29 – God is Big

Completely forgot to mention the controller I use. I use a standard PS4 controller along with the Sony back button attachment. This is so I can map my X (jump) to my right paddle and triangle (plates) to my left button. This is a strong cheaper alternative to the SCUF Infinity4PS so you can be able to jump without taking your finger off of your thumbstick as will as plate in warzone. A warzone settings video will be coming out after Warzone Pacific comes out.


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  1. On the ps5 controller is there an option for some of the sound effects to go through the controller speaker? I was just playing the cod4 remaster and that game has it. The reloading sound for example, comes through the controller too. Pretty cool

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