Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty: Vanguard – PS5 Immersion Trailer

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#Vanguard on PS5 lets you feel the tension of the trigger with the DualSense controller and hear the chaos of battle from every direction with 3D Audio. More on the immersive WWII experience, available now:


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  1. I would like the idea of getting a PS5 but I can't find one in this world, even Sony has troubles getting one. And the reasons I'm getting one PS5 are the exclusives, sorry but Call of Duty is not one of those reasons.

  2. DualSense’s haptic feedback + adaptive triggers are my favorite new thing this generation (across both PS5 and XSX).

  3. Lies. Vanguards adaptive triggers are very inconsistent. Sometimes when firing a gun they will just abruptly stop for no reason. Cold Wars implementation of it was great… I dont know if its a bug or what but Vanguard missed the mark.

  4. I love how you release this in the same day it's announced that you're cutting production of the PS5 that half of us still haven't managed to get. Way to rub it in, Sony.

  5. Battlefield 2042 doesn't even a haptic feedback and adaptive triggers at the lunch besides there is not even single shooting feel, what a shame….

  6. Me: "Oh look, a new PS5 immersion trailer! Let's take a look…" clicks
    Also me: "Oh, Call of Duty?" Yucky.." clicks off

  7. how vanguard did the rumble and adaptive triggers is pathetic, they shouldn’t even be allowed to use it as a selling point. As someone that uses and loves the adaptive triggers I’m more disappointed then when my mom told me I was adopted.

  8. I decided to file a complaint against sony regarding the “ drift '' of my Dualsense ps5 controller and to approach the American law firm in Florida which is going to take Sony to court for hidden defect and commercial fraud.

  9. This is not the place to say it, but vanguard is really horrible. The gameplay is great but the sbmm (which seems stronger than before) and the time to kill… I'm already fed up and it's very serious. On top of that the zombie mode is the third mode and they don't care that there is almost nothing to do on it.

  10. The adaptive triggers doesnt work.

    They have a resistance but NO VIBRATION LIKE COLD WAR.

    Please fix this or this ad was mislealing then.

  11. We all know this is BS… the addaptive triggers in Vanguard are disappointing, the rumble is disappointing… I had to go back to the regular flip R1/R2 to fire cuz it literally was dumb and awful to use the triggers…

  12. add 1440p support for ps5 play station come on .. your 120fps is nonsense if it can't run high refresh rate monitors

  13. Cold War had much better trigger support for this game tbh. Every gun felt different. Vanguard uses the same trigger weight for all weapons. They don't even click, just push down slowly

  14. Doesn’t everything already have 3D Audio? Even TV shows like family guy have 3D Audio where it plays on one side when something is happening on that side

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