Call of duty vanguard

Call of Duty Vanguard: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S + 4K60FPS and 120Hz Modes Tested!

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In true series style Vanguard is packed full of explosive set-pieces, all built on the latest Infinity Ward engine. PS5 and Series X – and even Series S – enjoy a 120Hz mode here, while visuals scale admirably to all three platforms. Tom scans through the details of an impressive campaign mode, from the highlights to its technical issues.

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  1. I’m looking forward to multiplayer analysis. I bought this on series x (usually go pc but I’m having fun) and the regular 60hz base mode doesn’t seem like 60fps at all online. Just not smooth at all. Other games look like butter when running 60fps. I use 120hz mode now and that looks a lot smoother, just weird because every other ps5 and series x game that runs at 60 seems way smoother. I downloaded free trial on ps5 other day and it’s same story there. Seems like 45-50fps at all times.

  2. Hope they patch those performance hitches.

    Think I’ll be going for Series X version since it supports VRR and dolby vision.

    I will however miss the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the dual Sense controller… But smoother gameplay still is the priority in my book.

  3. It's confusing why xbox series x is not out performing the ps5. The hardware is 30% more powerful, the xbox should have no issue out performing the ps5, yet that's not thr case. I wonder what the heck is going on.

  4. I feel like microsoft shot themselves in the foot making the series s significantly weaker than the series x. It makes seem more like a stop gap console like the Xbox one x rather than a next gen long term console.

  5. even the thumbnail has strong female character propaganda, that's all the media is now just a way to push w0ke propaganda

  6. this campaign gave me such bad motion sickness no matter what settings it was on. idk if its my monitor. it can only do 60hz at 4k

  7. those hitches are a joke. incredible how they manage to leave that in with machines running mid 3ghz range 8 core 16 threads machines on super fast ssds.

  8. Is it ok if i buy the ps4 version for my ps5 as i have no space on my internal ssd for these kind of bloatware games. I have a 2tb Samsung evo external ssd though so i can play in BC mode without missing out on much right?

  9. They've clearly improved performance since the beta – 1440p60 and 1080p120 is pretty impressive for Series S in such a demanding engine. Not that the game looks good or anything, but IW 8.0 isn't as light as previous CoD engines

  10. I play this game on a pc, rtx 3070, and it’s not perfect there either. Although the issues in this video aren’t a big deal honestly

  11. I have my series s hooked to a 1440p144Hz with it set to 1440p120Hz are my games going to play at 120 fps if resolution is not set to 1080p?

  12. Ive always wondered how do digital foundry measure there FPS and stats? Do they have there own custom software ? if so, how does that get onto consoles?

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