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How to FIX LAG in Call of Duty Vanguard (Improve Connection & No Errors)

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Do you want to know how to FIX LAG in Call of Duty Vanguard to improve connection and no errors! There seems to be a lot of rubbering banding, stuttering and hit marker delays in vanguard right now! Sometimes my shots simply don’t land and it seems like my weapons got nerfed from one game to the next! To fix your connection try stopping all your downloads, live streams, netflix streaming in the background or the household. This will cause connection issues when your gaming. Also, make a direct connection to your PS5 with a LAN cable.


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  1. Ok so how the hell am i supposed to get a wired connection if the router is a floor above me? Serious question, i really need to know

  2. Im 30 ping in most games cant kill anybody literally dying in 1 hit seems to punish me for having a good connection

  3. Nothing works

    I have 400mbps and is a Hell to o play

    Even when no one else is using the internet at home.

    This is horrible.

  4. I get around a 30ms ping, and the game continues to lag for me every 1-3 minutes, half of those times i get kicked out of the game because im lagging. BEYOND annoying when a game doesn’t work with even a good WiFi connection

  5. Wtf why u didn't explain about my problem with 🎮 disconnecting randomly without anyway to fix while its 27 ms response and when it starts to work it stays how. The hell u didn't mention about it.

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