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More News On THICC WAIFU Gacha Game Coming Soon & More!

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This is another episode of “Gacha Covered” the gacha news and drama show that bring you all the latest gacha news and juiciest drama revolving all things gacha!

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  1. honkai steam version a bit of waste of time cuz u cant get friends either aside from the one who has the steam version only
    the girl with the gun shooting( dont know the name) looks interested need somthing new to play as well

  2. Hell yeah. I am waiting for NIKKE Goddess of Victory since it got announced. At least we know that they are developing it and sooner or later will be released ?

  3. Buuuu
    As someone that can't play Honkai on his phone for lack of space and also a mac user (bc I needed the stupid thing for work xD) I was excited to hear there was a steam version.
    I was excited to check if maybe, MAYBE, it was compatible with mac, but if I can't play with my Hua there is no point -.-

  4. Hey can you please list all the games you talk about or mention in your description links would also be helpful but not nessesary

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