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Call of Duty Vanguard’s camo grind is a long one this year. But Vanguard’s grind is primarily all within the area of leveling your weapons, the challenges for the Gold Camo in Vanguard this year aren’t necessarily hard, but rather are just tedious. Call of Duty Vanguard’s Gold Camo can be made easy with the right tips on how to complete the challenges necessary for Gold Camo and that’s what we’re here to discuss today. In this video we’ll run down each and every challenge set that is required for Vanguard’s Gold Camo and let you know some ins and outs on how to make that as easy as possible so you can unlock it as efficiently as possible. There’s a few secrets to unlocking gold camo that help out greatly so if you feel you have one to add to the list for this mastery camo guide, drop it below and we can work as a community to unlock these even quicker!
We’ll keep you up to date with all things that come out in regards to Vanguard’s updates, best classes and all and especially update you on the secrets for Diamond and Atomic camo once they are completed, but for now, I hope this can help you on your Gold Camo Grind in Call of Duty Vanguard. This is VANGUARD: The SECRETS To UNLOCKING GOLD Camo Made EASY (Mastery Camo Guide)

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  1. I have stg 44 gold now where do I go from that wanting atomic and having fun at the same time. What guns should I do next. Cos there’s so much to do I don’t know where to start

  2. They should make another cod for the OG fan base. We’re not kids anymore. We have full time jobs. No free time to grind so hard. Missing the old days

  3. Stg
    Itra burst
    All Done Im going in order now for camos and man this grind is kinda annoying with longshots

  4. so far i have gold for the stg and the mp40 (no im not a sweat those were my favorite guns to use in cod ww2) and rn im going for the knife and shield

  5. for bullet pen it's very easy on shipment, simply stand on A … and shot through the windshield of the car … counts are bullet pen and i did it in 3 matches.. … best way is to play tactical ..not blitz, it's 4v4 and much more easier to control the spawn

  6. Not sure if it was mentioned but for penetration kills I find the B objective on Das Haus is the best. Whichever side of the tires you are on you can shoot through that wall by door entrance that leads to A or C. If you have piercing vision perk on, it highlights everyone red that is close by.

  7. Tip for the bloodthirsty for harder guns like marksman rifles/sniper where you have to be accurate make your class with overkill and just stick a AR as your secondary get 4 kills then just finish it off with a kill with your primary weapon

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