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Call of Duty: Vanguard is this year’s COD game and boy does it disappoint. I don’t have high expectations for Call of Duty but somehow this game felt worse than any one I’ve played before, but please allow me to explain why in this episode of “For Noobs”


The Intro song is “I Think I’m Normal” by Carter Ace
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The Outro song is “Bone Theme” by Michael Wyckoff
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Thumbnail art by The Kittle Kat:

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  1. I’m going to just Ctrl C + Ctrl V a previous YouTube comment:

    The only thing more toxic than Call of Duty lobbies is your mean replies on my Twitter ? @theMacroShow

  2. For me the bad game is warzone. It had a lot of hackers for a while and has 100+ weapons. Warzone is filled with campers, the new map is just horrible, every part of the game is just about money and these blueprints are a bit too much.
    Vanguard is just a better version of Modern Warfare (not the campaign though). The maps are better, the spawns make more sense, every weapon is viable and the camo grind is much easier. There is a lot to do: camo grind, operator level up thingy, 100% mastery (mostly calling cards which in my opinion are stupid).

  3. After considering everything about vanguard I'm buying it for the zombies because I likes cod ww 2 witch most people hate if I like that I think vanguard could be ok

  4. I have been playing call of duty since 2016 now I am 12 my first cod game was cod world at war seeing Vanguard just disappointed me

  5. I don’t understand why COD hasn’t taken the plunge into alternate history yet. Like what if instead of a generic WW2 game, it was a game where the Nazi’s are winning/ have won? What if it was set in a world destroyed by natural disasters and the survivors fight over the scraps? Just make stuff up man it would be way more interesting.

  6. In my opinion they should put these updates/game-modes in 5call of duty warzone , and not make a whole other new game, in my opinion it’s not worth it like 40 dollars.

  7. I actually kind of Like this game. After the new mw2 I’m gonna stop buying cod every year. Cw and mw were good but vanguard was kinda of good for me but idk.

  8. Nah I think this is what the community wanted out of Vanguard to be honest it’s a communities fault and this is my opinion don’t take it seriously Nigga

  9. In my opinion The multiplayer in vanguard is perfect (except the perks…they messed that up) but everything else is garbage

  10. 8:26 You still believe that this could happen? I would hate that, because… i'm not going to say it or else i'm going to get roasted

    But i can see people liking it… just not the way i do… if you want me to explain, call me here

  11. Macro: *explaining why it's not historically accurate and the other cod games captured it well
    Also Macro: since it's world war 2, you are going to have some repetitiveness in maps.

  12. Macro is absolutely right, but if you havent played any other cod games, i feel like this is a good one to start with

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