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Call of Duty Vanguard vs Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War | WHICH GAME IS BETTER?

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Call of Duty Vanguard vs Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, which game is better? In this video I compare Call of Duty Vanguard and Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War on nine different categories and talk about particular points within each category. Whichever game I feel makes that particular point better will be awarded the point and by the end we’ll have a final score and whichever game with more points is the better game. If you enjoyed this Call of Duty Vanguard vs Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War which game is better, consider checking out the playlist. I’ve made tons of videos like this for a lot of games. Also if you’re new here consider subscribing for more Call of Duty related content in the future. Other than that thanks for watching and have a great rest of your day everyone!

Should You Buy Call of Duty Vanguard? (Review)


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  1. There’s a couple things I want to add that I didn’t really talk about in the video. First, I don’t think my “which game is better” scoring format works very well with Call of Duty Games, considering how subjective everything is. For example if you’re a zombies player or fan you’re obviously going to prefer Cold War to Vanguard, so I apologize that the scoring system doesn’t feel very accurate. Also I realize Vanguard is quite broken at the minute, as is every COD game these days on release, and lot of the issues that are being discovered came after I made this video, regardless I trust Sledgehammer will resolve many of these issues with updates, just like how they did with World War 2. I am sorry if I did upset anyone though for not talking about a lot of the glitches and broken weapons with Vanguard. It’s my first time doing this type of video for Call of Duty and I’ve learned quite a lot about where it could be improved.

  2. Idc which cod is better or not, they are all fun in there own way, only prob i have is the pace the developers release their games, it's always too soon

  3. I’m not a fan of either of them but comparing them seem unfair. One has 1 year content and other it’s new.

    CW or any old game would most likely win. I would compare both 2 month cycle cuz CW beginning was trash bare bone ?

  4. Nice video man! I respect ur opinion but I just prefer Cold War better then vanguard because of the world war style ukkk what I mean . I just prefer modern cod

  5. This guy is high at shit vanguard is shit and pacing don’t even work ? like half the other shit in the game and zombies was Doa

  6. I have Cold War on my Series S and Vanguard on my PS5. I been playing Vanguard a little bit more the big battle blitz is crazy lol

  7. The Zombies alone makes Cold War better overall. I bought vanguard but the zombies is ass and id rather not switch between games to play the modes so ima just stick to Cold War

  8. One thing I’m reeeally gonna have to disagree with is the spawning, I’ve played a lot of Blitz and Assault lobbies and I spawn in front of enemies ALL the time. That doesn’t happen to me that often in Cold War. Other than that great video

  9. They both suck but I’d definitely rather Cold War purely bc in a sniper n vanguard the ttk is to fast n snipers are hella slow

  10. Vanguard has too many issues zombies no matter what they do will always be trash wonder weapon yea cool add it or more objectives but people play zombies too train and have a chill game while running around a cool designed map idk why they dont want to add round base just silly tbh also vanguard Mp way way too many bad maps and you get like same 4 and you can't vote for a map 16 maps and like 9 of them are bad and spawns in this game are okay not bad but not good also Ars stg and smgs type 100 and mp40 running the game rn camping is so big in this game everyone camps and just get out gun with a AR OR sniper or lmg just not fun maps are too way big. Movement i really like cold war movement over MW just like old cod movement over the new modern warfare movement

  11. For the longest I didn't like call of duty as much as I should do to the fact I'm still debating on whether I should go to school for gunsmithing or not looking for a better opportunity first that way I can have loot in my pocket and going to my lil girl but I play the cellphone version of call of duty I like it but I would rather the PlayStation version more ?

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  16. Not sure if I’m weird but I prefer the movement in Cold War. something I don’t think you mentioned (or I wasn’t paying enough attention) was that I like the removal of wildcards, as most would just pick perk greed anyway, I like that the majority of the build is focused on the weapon attachments.

  17. Spawning in Vanguard is completely chalked
    Hardcore in Vanguard is completely broken with impact nades
    Gunplay it depends on what you like as MW/WZ/VG keep that unnecessary realistic feeling while CW kept it the COD way
    Movement ehhh well you still have broken slide-cancel and well CW once again kept it COD traditional movement but it depends on what you want
    Weapon Balance, it is hard to tackle this own as VG is still relatively new and it has stayed with STG, MP40 and broken Shotguns since launch but that does not mean CW avoided broken shit
    Map Design, this one goes to CW- sure VG has 16 but the majority are complete dogwater and none of them stand out- only Das Haus

  18. 1. MW (2019)
    2. Black Ops: Cold War
    3. WW2 (2017)
    4. Vanguard
    5. Black Ops 4

    I think that if Vanguard had committed to accuracy it would have been in Modern Warfare (2019) territory.

  19. pls someone answer. If u dont buy the full game. Can u still play campaign en zombies? Cuz i couldn't. I thought the full game just gives u loadouts. PLs someone explain.

  20. I think people are just now realizing how much easier CW MP was. It was miles easier than Vanguard. The maps were also technically better because of the 3 lanes. But that also made them get boring and stale fast.

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