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Court Games RPG: Interesting Environments – Deserts 2 | L5R RPG News and Discussion

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– 0:00 Introductions
– 1:00 Writ of the Wild Articles: Secret Empire and Dragonfly
– 9:42 How was Fortune and Strife Started?
– 13:40 What kind of themes does Fortune and Strife Explore?
– 17:27 Tell us about the characters
– 22:38 What is a summary of season 1?
– 26:31 What are some highlights?
– 29:37 What are the challenges of telling a story in Rokugan?
– 37:15 What makes Fortune and Strife a "teaching actual play"?
– 44:02 How different is it to play for an audience?
– 49:05 How do you try to breathe life into your AP?
– 57:33 Where is Fortune and Strife headed in this new season?
– 1:03:49 How will you respect culture in this new season?
– 1:13:51 What’s next for Fortune and Strife?
– 1:17:57 Closing

– New article: Writ of the Wilds – Secret Empire: [](
– New Article: Writ of the Wilds – Dragonfly: [](

CourtGames is a fan project and is not an official affiliate of Fantasy Flight Games. Legend of the Five Rings is the property of Fantasy Flight Games. All opinions expressed on this podcast belong solely to the hosts of this show.

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