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DOKKAN RESPONDS TO *AIRPLANE* GLITCH! Potential Bans Are Coming! In Game News | DBZ Dokkan Battle

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Video Title: DOKKAN RESPONDS TO *AIRPLANE* GLITCH! Potential Bans Are Coming! In Game News | DBZ Dokkan Battle

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Dokkan Airplane Glitch Part 1 (Previous Video)

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  1. Do you think they will actually carry out this ban on all accounts that used the exploit? Or do you think this is more of a scare tactic to prevent any further use of such exploits? Keep in mind this isn't the first time Dokkan has talked about potential bans and then not acted on them. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

  2. also if they do ban they are doing to be looking for people that did it multiple times in multiple events as that is what miss use would be

  3. man when a game shuts down that i play im like yes! now i can stop playing it everyday and if i use money on it that is even better lol

  4. Dokkan would never suspect my level 150 that cleared all extreme and normal sbr stages with majority sibamen 😛

  5. I love dokkan and I did the glitch. I’ve beaten events that I could’ve never beaten regardless of how good my team was . If I’m banned , oh well I probably Just buy a account and just start over . I’m going out guns blazing ?

  6. Dokkan Devs: Modders and Hackers? Pffft, not a threat.


  7. If they start banning then oh well, plenty of other gacha games to play and they are just shooting themselves in the foot getting rid of customers ?‍♂️

  8. Dokkan is going to lose INSANE amounts of money if they actually do this. People will literally tell everyone else to quit dokkan battle if this banwave happens

  9. I really doubt Bandai namco wants to get rid of players just before DB Heroes, Black Friday, XMas, ans New Years when they have their highest amount of sales. If they legitmately do this it will be the 1st time ever there's no top grossing in winter

  10. I wonder how many subs dokkan tubers are gonna lose for this Bann wave, because once I get banned I'm leaving dokkan and the community that's staying ?✌️

  11. I always thought whats the point of playing if you're just going to hack it or use bots.
    Sometimes i spend from 1 month to 1 year to beat certain stages whether I'm link leveling or acquiring certain characters.✌

  12. If you ever get afraid if you get banned in a Bandai game just look up "gem valley". A bug in one piece treasure cruise that allowed us to get an infinit amount of rainbow gems(the premium currency you buy for real money) we abused the shit out of it even after they wrote the ban warning. Nothing happened. Accounts where just reset to before the bug. By that i mean just your rainbow gems you got where deducted and units you pulled in the gacha with the bug gems where removed. Everything else like you powering up units and such was left in the game. BANDAI doesnt ban in those Moments even if they say it.

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