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Latest Indie Game News! I Dream of Indie Weekly Recap 11/14/21

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Greetings Indie Warriors welcome back to another I Dream of Indie Weekly Recap. This week Ole Gamer Joe and SilentSigns discuss the newly launched Kickstarter for Helms of Fury, The big Thunderful World event, and Exo One! We also read your community question responses from last week.

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Intro – 0:00
Indie Game News – 2:11
Videos Featured on I Dream of Indie – 9:15
Kickstarter of the Week! – 13:01
Community Poll Results – 15:33
Question of the Week – 16:45


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  1. I had a problem with micro transactions in high school with Clash of Clans. I didn’t even enjoy the game and spent money on it anyway. I really regretted it and I haven’t bought any micro transactions since. So it was a good learning lesson.

  2. I’ve spent money on a mobile game called golf blitz and also in Pokémon go but it’s been less than 10 bucks in total.

  3. I have played games with micro transactions but I've never paid for a micro transaction. The gameplay loop entices me until it reaches the pay wall

  4. I paid for some planes and tanks in ftp War Thunder, never regret it, had about 700+ hours in it, and bought some to support the devs (around 25$,so it's not much).
    But paying for something in a full priced game is a huge No-no for me…and f2p pay2win as well

  5. I seem to recall buying a hat or a t-shirt or something for like $3 for a game that I loved, and the dumb thing made me giggle every time I saw it, so — totally worth it. I bought Monument Valley and Rymdkapsel mobile games — both great games and both WAY too short.

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