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  1. People do this yearly i taught they was going back to 21 like every body went to 20 last year is like instant replay

  2. It’s a good game but perimeter defense is really non existent. Tired of seeing pint sized guards shoot in my face or run behind screens. Take brick wall and mismatch out of the game. It really has destroyed all elements of perimeter defense.

  3. Get rid of the park YouTube and the park is the problem they watch YouTube then bring the stuff to the park to try it sad ?

  4. What's gettin 2k boring is that everyone plays the same and has the same builds. That feels like a rinse and repeat all night

  5. Speaking on affiliates; I’ll tell you what’s missing – MORE people play current gen rather y’all want to believe that or not it’s fact! And when you don’t have affiliates on the game with more players it causes a ripple effect; that being it doesn’t matter. I think it being a part of current gen would change how most people view it currently. Of course it may not be possible entirely so it’s just a thought ?

  6. All 2k releases are the same just with a few tweaks nothing game changing they all suck if you ask me just an easy cash grab on hard working people. And I’ve been playing since 2k16?

  7. Am gonna say this man if you like the game then thats the only thing that matters i like the game and the people i play with like the game so thats what counts

  8. I would love to say its good except i cant play more more than 1 rec game or a couple park games without my system shutting off

  9. There has never been a 5”10 player that’s OP the way they made these guards. Biggest mistake they made. Defensive buffs also killed the game

  10. Does anyone know if people found a way to use zens on next gen this year. Bc I just played a pg that went 11/11 from three and he was shooting 30 contests

  11. MyCareer is not the beneficial mode now in nba 2k22 it does need a revival. The badges grind is annoying that is part of MyCareer I'll would rather go to rec to get my badge. 2k punish us for honest to have a better game because they know they the basketball game out there so they say why criticize us what other basketball game you gonna play. I think as a gamer we should make a big statement to make sure we heard and not be punish for honesty like 2k you want us to buy and enjoy cause it good right? Or shut up and play 2k games cause we have no competition to complete with? Big statement would not buy 2k23 next until something changes but ik that's gonna happen..

  12. 22 ain’t better then 20 or 19 but ig 22 is ight at most, it’s boring to play. Dribbling isn’t all that, after you hit lvl 40 ain’t nothing left to do, ain’t a lot of events, no diverse in builds

  13. Facts. Me and my Bro was Rivet too. We would get a squad and crush sunset at they home on the 5v5. I had a lockdown. Already was OP. But when I hit 98. It was too easy. Yall remember getting the intangibles in the gym on 2k17 to get that extra %?

  14. I refuse to spend 180,000 VC on new builds… that’s way too much money for the average build and average regular person who is not a content creator.

  15. Not Gone Lie Brute we already not getting alot Of rep & the ai Is dam near lockdowns . & plus Gotta sit through And Get 100+ badges Plus Still want to compete in the city the shit just real Time consuming

  16. I understand the living in past, I understand that casual gamers are winning a lot of games against actual 2k gamers, but I’ma keep it ? on next gen yall got the same play style. Seems like everyone is just copying the same 5’10 to 5’8 builds left – right cheesing n 7’2 bigs setting screens and even the casuals are doing it. (Even though your builds have flaws) So I’m not surprised about it.
    Honestly we need to focus on why it takes close to 200k vc to upgrade your my player. Like that’s the big issue. But besides that, the game is pretty good.

  17. It’s a good game of course could use some fixes since it’s not perfect. To me the biggest problem is the community. People make the game worse for themselves chasing after only the easiest ways to play rather than just playing like they used to do. It’s not like 16 wasn’t cheesy but at least you had more and more of the community just playing just to play and then it became making sure your record is good and then the cheese turned up to the max.

    If it ain’t the community I offer up anybody to play against their actual friends and see if they feel that same hate towards the game you get when playing against a team of sweats.

  18. The game has 2k20 big man over lil dude aspects mixed with 2k21 no defense zig zag over screen,no shot contest aspects mixed all together imo?

  19. Brute, City, Agent, lakerfan. Top 4 for me. I swear loyal af to your affiliation 2k15 to 2k17. Hahaa spot on brute!

  20. I am a big mycareer player. It’s how I have to grind badges. If I play in the rec, I’ll never get the ball. So for me, the efficiency comes from playing away from the random sand ball hogs to grind badges. Mycareer is my favorite part of 2k.

  21. Exactly I Been On MyCareer (MyPlayer) Whateva Dat Bs Was Back Den Since 2k11 Just Start Playin Da Park Late 2k21???‍♂️

  22. As someone who really only plays my career games it would be cool if I could get the season pass rewards from just playing that

  23. I just go to the team practice after playing rec or warehouse ea night to get some badge rep I've played a little my career since Hitting 40 trying to get my players up

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