Call of duty vanguard

Vanguard Zombies ☆ All Working Glitches After 1.06 Patch!

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Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Glitches! Der Anfang! Here’s 4 New Glitches To Level Up Fast! Solo Pile-Up Glitch! Vanguard Zombies News Update!

? Featured Video – Vanguard Zombies ☆ New “Out-Of-Map” Glitch! Rank Up Fast:

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Intro: (0:00)
Der Anfang – Transmit Glitch: (0:43)
Der Anfang – One Spawn Glitch: (1:18)
Der Anfang – Apartments Glitch: (2:08)
Der Anfang – Theater Glitch: (2:48)
Zombies News Update: (4:19)
Thanks For Watching, Subscribe!: (6:37)


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  1. Imagine getting upset over the Muslim Bible but not being offended back when they was making fun of the holocaust

  2. I can’t use my field upgrade on the PS5. To activate it you need to play L1 and R1 it still not working.

  3. I wonder if you can get to the blocked off room next to the blue perk machine by being out of bounds. I gotta mess around with it

    Great video!! Very informative thank you

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