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FULL ANALYSIS of All Upgrades In Vanguard Zombies (Call of Duty Vanguard)

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Welcome everyone to another deep dive into call of duty vanguard zombies. Today we’ll be doing full analysis of every upgrade including covenants, perks, and pack a punch in zombies. If you would like to have ease of access to these numbers. Click on the link below for a spreadsheet!

Vanguard Upgrades Spreadsheet:

Credit to John Rizzo on Twitter for the Perk Models:

InsaneGamer52’s video:

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0:00 – [ Intro ]
00:52 – [ Covenants ]
06:12 – [ Perks ]
10:07 – [ PAP ]

11:48 – [ Outro ]

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  1. i havent played vanguard, so im probably just talking out of my ass, but it seems like the perk upgrades are kinda dumb, you have to spend like 7500 points just to get what the base perk was back in previous zombies games, kinda seems like the perk tiers are just to make it seem like there is more content

  2. Fantastic vid and very easy to understand all the numbers! I'm definitely excited to compare your covenant numbers with my testing when I'm done. Thanks for the shoutout on my perk vid 🙂

  3. man speed cola just isnt it lately. F. I really hope they let us use more attachments in the future, maybe limit it to 7 though idm. Theres just so many more fun things to use with ammos, kits and proficiencies

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