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THE *NEW* BEST VANGUARD GAME & GRAPHICS SETTINGS! We Tested Everything! [Call of Duty Vanguard]

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WARZONE ACADEMY is now adding on to its incredibly in-depth guides by adding additional gameplay where we apply the tactics and strategies we’ve discussed in our guides!

If you’re interested in future coaching videos, let me know what you want to see next!


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  1. hey Isaac! I have the same graphics card and monitor, is there a reason I'm not getting the same FPS? Maybe you have a better cpu or what?

  2. ICEMANISSAC! You are the man. You are what call of duty needs. Every FPS game needs someone like you! You are definitely one of if not my favorite content creators! Much ❤️❤️

  3. Does anyone know what he uses for his hand cam? And how to set it up. I just need to know if it’s a stand or what he does to make it hover without seeing his monitor

  4. im not sure what setting is doing it – but after watching this and changing my settings accordingly my menu constantly stutters and the first min or so of entering in a game i get constant packet bursts, high latency and extrapolation… anyone know what setting is contributing to this?

  5. I just moved from PS to PC b/c I built this pc like 2 years ago. It made more sense to update parts instead of buy new consoles every year for the same games. Plus the quality of what I get from my pc is way better. All the settings, I have full control. I want to play more on Keyboard and Mouse, as of now I just play PC with Controller b/c it's what I'm use to. I say all that to say THANK YOU for this video. No just giving what the setting should be, but giving actual reasoning. I needed this, I love knowing why I'm doing what I'm doing so I don't have to just rely on someone telling me what I need it to be, but can go in and try to do it myself as well. Also want to thank FOVES for the information!

  6. ? Video!!!! Thank you!
    Running same monitor AW2721D
    RTX 3080ti
    AMD 5950x
    Trident Royal 14 CAS Latency
    And I will be adjusting accordingly per this video.
    Man how are you cleanly capturing with elgato capture card on 144p with 240hz? I’m so illiterate and want to learn man. Please help me lol thanks again for the vid man!!!! Very much appreciated to you and Foves ✊?

  7. worker count: you have 16 and sets it to 10 yet says set it to half? maths isnt my strong point but pretty sure half of 16 is 8

  8. Amazing video. I only have 2070 Super w/ intel 10700k. Followed to a T the options in the panel available and I'm playing in 2K for the first time ever and getting 140 to 150 fps. Not 200+ but my monitor is 160hz so close enough!!!

  9. I'm harkoning back to my childhood, waiting for my monthly Nintendo Power to come in with all the tips on how to get better at whatever game I'm playing, find Easter Eggs, cheat codes, etc.. This vid, and your efforts, are light years beyond where I started, but I still get that giddy feeling waiting for the next IceMan tips/academy vid.

  10. The title is clickbait for sure BUT.. it did do an incredible job at raising my FPS. I have a 2070 super and was playing on medium textures and everything else low to get 144fps now I'm playing with most things on high and getting around 200 fps. I had no idea about game mode, that windows install and some other tips. This is quality shit, thanks

  11. hi , after applying these sets enemy nameplates got some delay to get visible . any solutions how to fix this?
    PLS PLS PLS now very diff to identify enemy

  12. about RenderWorkerCount, you set it TO your core count right, with a ryzen 5 3600 6 core i should have it on 6?

  13. Question…. Why run these settings when you can use the DLSS feature on RTX card? you guys dint mention it.

  14. just changed my settings to this! thank you.
    havent tried it yet, but on the windows update part.

    i updated it because it had to. but i have 20H2 does that make a difference or how can i get 21H2

  15. Tnx for this it actualy boost my fps can you do a video like this for warzone to or is there already one for warzone on your Chanel?.

  16. I'm on pc and am I the only one who is constantly getting stuck on corners of trucks, boxes, doorways? It's like I'm magnetized to them and I go into some sort of auto-lean to look passed. I've never come across anything like this in previous COD's, is there a setting I need to turn off or something? It always takes me ages to reverse and shake free by which time I'm usually dead. I'm loving the game but this is driving me nuts.

  17. This shit just fucked my fps haha and i got a 3060…?wtf is wrong with my card man haha 120 fps max my friend with an 1080 hits more its bullshit?help me

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