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This Needs To Be Said About Call of Duty Vanguard…

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Today I want to get something off my chest regarding Call of Duty Vanguard. Something that I think sucks about the game. So here it is. Hope you enjoy!

Vanguard Ending Explained:


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  1. Operator is not worth it — is it? 50 kills with fire … it stinks! 300 shotgun kills to unlock. You've got to be kidding! Going to try just being my own character and gun I want to play with…. WHY operator really any good except double experience? This experience getting 'completion' stinks! Also leveling up is WAY TOO SLOW. Than there are so many who always shoot you before you can fire a shot or throw a molotov…not 'fun to play'. Killstreaks stink. Can't they come up with something else? Come on! This is 2021. Killstreaks rewards best players and cheaters.

  2. I really appreciate this video because I actually really like this Call of Duty as well and feel the same about people not giving it a chance. Now, I was a big fan of Call of Duty WW2 as well. That may be because it was the first Call of Duty me and a good friend group played together or due to me loving WW2 and having big interest in it. I have never been a fan of the futuristic Call of Duty's such as Black Ops 4 and Infinite Warfare but have always loved Modern Warfare series, early Black Ops, and WW2 like I said. Black Ops 3, even though its future based, I got some good memories on that one. Nonetheless, I do enjoy Vanguard a lot, maybe because its boots on the ground or I like the weapons better due to the setting so the grind is better for me, so I do appreciate this point of view. I do agree, two weeks after this video was posted, that spawning is still an issue and shot guns are over powered. But good points are made in this video on how its an arcade shooter with boots on the ground mentality which I think make this Call of Duty a good one.

  3. went out of my way to buy an play this im not a big cod fan and i have been enjoying halo an this cod keeps me coming back to play just seems to be fun

  4. Can't believe I got sucked in to buying this SHIT … especially at the price … last CoD I will EVER buy

  5. I really like vanguard but I still want a continuation of the ghosts campaign or the advanced warfare campaign

  6. I’ll be honest – my initial few hours with multiplayer were horrible, but then I focused on Ship Haus (sp?) with 2XP with the Tommy gun, the Automoton, and especially the Type 100. I’m improved tremendously and really began to enjoy it. After I hit level 55 I may try the other maps.

  7. Personally, I’m not buying this game because this feels like a retread of COD WWII and whilst I bought that game back in 2017, I didn’t enjoy it as much as other CODs I’ve played. I still enjoy MW2019 and this game looks the same as that so I’m satisfied with playing MW and get the same kick out of it. Also to add on, after the news about activisions employees, I refuse to support their practices for further instalments indefinitely until something changes.

  8. On launch week, there hasn’t been a lower selling game since 2007 for this company. It’s been 14 years since they’ve had numbers this bad.

  9. i gave it a chance during the beta. and i tried during the free weekend and it was meh. and i crashed hardcore twice. one that i had to do a bad restart.

  10. World war woke and zombies fucking sucks which is the only reason i have bought cod since bo1 and this is by far the worst zombies mode in any cod game including exo zombies

  11. Yes I extremely agree

    Vanguards mp is definitely a blast

    Although I think you forgot to mention

    The other side
    (Not campaign or warzone)

  12. It's mostly Activision making me not buy the game they are the ones making the devs rush the game to release it on time. Honestly I stopped being hype for cod games now.

  13. this is what happens when you hire Sam Maggs as the writer. She ruined a ton of comics and I guess the video game industry hired her to ruin COD as well.

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