Call of duty vanguard

Vanguard is the worst selling Call of Duty in 14 YEARS LMAO

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  1. This game is fucking absolutely horrendous. I'm playing the free weekend for the sole reason of unlocking and levelling up some weapons for the warzone integration. The spawns are disgusting. I constantly die to bullets even after I am clearly around a corner, unless you camp your arse off it's just spawn die on repeat. Glad I didn't spend money on this shit. Oh yeah, and that goddamn fucking stupid repetitive end screen makes me want to top myself.

  2. He keeps spewing the same retarded shit in every video. How many times does it need to be said? The average CoD player/casual isn't on some fucking subreddit whining about Call of Duty. The average casual player probably doesn't even know there's a subreddit for CoD lmao dude just grasping at any straws to support his goofy ass opinions on the game. Says the game is gonna be dog shit, tells everyone not to buy, but he still goes out to buy it and make videos on how trash it is because he refuses to get an actual job lmao imagine…

  3. Honestly, I wish Cold War was the worst selling at launch. Hated that game so much and if that game didn’t sell well at all maybe the devs would finally take notes.

  4. I'm selling my copy bored senseless of it. All in all it just sums the video game industry today poor copy and paste games also money grabbing companies. People say its the same yeah but how they suppose to radically change it? It's dying a slow death because everyone has been there done that.

  5. I started playing on PC because I’m sick of paying for the PS subscription every year We are paying a lot more and they’re pumping out the same shit every year

  6. i tougth everyone was gonna buy this shit, they legit copied ww2 and let treyarch made the worst zombies .i love cod but i hope cod dies and doesnt comeback or this be a reason for them to do a comeback

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