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Weapon XP in Zombies (How it Works/Best Strategy) – Call of Duty Vanguard

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Hey everyone! Welcome to my first video back on the channel and today is a special one! Today I break down what will give you Weapon XP boosts in Vanguard Zombies and how to maximize your XP/Minute! If you learned anything new in the video or enjoyed it, consider subscribing to the channel as well as leaving a like on the video, it helps a lot!

– This is not an overall best XP video, MP and Warzone are not compared in this video
– All XP tests were done with the AS44, times and XP rates may vary with weaker/slower weapons
– All XP tests were done on Round 1, it is assumed that XP drop off rates and XP gains change on later rounds
– Testing was done week 1 of game’s release, so XP values can (and most likely will) change

Sour’s Videos (As referenced in the video):
MP/Warzone XP Comparison:
Weapon XP Buff Testing:

0:00 Intro/Disclaimers
1:13 Headshots/Melee/Rapid Kill XP Comparison
1:56 Objective Kill XP Bonus
3:21 Best Objectives for XP/Minute
3:55 Round 5 or 10 Exfil?
4:56 Operator’s Weapon XP Bonus
5:29 The Overall Strategy
6:44 Outro


Songs Used in this Video (As They Appear):
“The Truth” by Maazel and Sam Lamar
“Closer” by KDYN

Outro Song:
“Dreaming” by Conro

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  1. All updates and new info will be in this pinned comment:
    – Not sure if this is in the video already, BUT double weapon xp tokens from Warzone/MW and Cold War will work, you just don’t get a countdown in Vanguard, so keep track of that

  2. Public lobby’s are terrible. No one knows the xp mechanics and drop offs. Drives me crazy because they are literally getting no xp after so many kills each round

  3. Isn’t round 7 where weapon xp isn’t worth it anymore? 7 rounds fast as possible with exfil at the end. As many blitz as possible.

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