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Call of Duty Vanguard – 13 Things Players Hate About It

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Call of Duty: Vanguard released on November 5th for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC, and while touted as having more fanfare than Battlefield 2042, it hasn’t exactly garnered much love from fans either.

While the overall gun play and graphics are good, this year’s entry has a lot of issues that hold it back from being truly enjoyable. Let’s take a look at 13 things that players hate about this year’s Call of Duty.


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  1. The mp is pretty bad, sbmm ugh pits me against campers every single game. Can’t have fun when the whole enemy team is sitting in their spawn or in corners. Worse than cw imo

  2. i feel bad that ps users dont have any good fps games to play this year besides deathloop, cuz this and betafield is a complete mess

  3. A lot of people have been asking me how’s the game and I’ve said that it is very fast pace and the Spawns are terrible you spawn right in front of the enemy like literally. I hope they fix those things and the bullets do spray all over the place and you barely hit your target sometimes. I decided to buy it cuz I’ve played these games for years but there’s a few things they can fix to make the Vanguard Experience a bit better ya know 💯💪🏽🎮🎮

  4. Glad I skipped this one. COD is done for me, as they have burnt us out from the same old same old every release for years now.

  5. This video is far too negative! I think the all maps are great, not heard anyone really complain about them. Fast TTK and weapon tuning are the same issue and we all know that will be fixed. The spawns will also be fixed. Not had any crashes on an old PS4. Haven’t played the campaign, but 6 hours seems about right for COD campaign. Zombies is poor, but again we are going to get plenty of content updates improving the that.

  6. It's a gun long as there is warzone..every duty that comes out will only be about the guns to use in is crap and has been going downhill long b4 MW19

  7. There is only ONE thing that needs to be changed in COD games. Point streaks need to come back. NO ONE goes for points, grab tags yadda yadda. Make playing objectives worth it again.

    The little bugs will be fixed. This MP is great

  8. This game gets way more hate than it actually deserves. It's probably been the most fun I have had in Call of Duty since Black Ops 1 (edit I forgot to mention I have played this franchise since World at War) . That's just talking MP. The campaign was actually fun on Veteran (though the grenade spam was terrifying along with dogs and bayonets). Zombies was never going to be great at launch, because Treyarch had wrap up their game and make this mode. I knew it was going to fall below expectations. All in all this game was far better than I could have ever expected it to be. Trust me I am not the fan boy type, if I tell you a game is enjoyable I'm telling you how I feel about it. Sure it has bugs and issues that should be ironed out here soon, but even in spite of those bugs I am still having fun with it. Well maybe not this second because the internet took a shit. Though that's neither here nor there. Point is if this game was actually bad I wouldn't have pulled an all nighter, which I haven't done in a long time. Honestly for a game to do that is pretty damn good in my books. So with black Friday coming up give it a chance you might like it or you might hate it. If anything though you want a real waste of money that would be the GTA trilogy definitive edition. Which has proven what company is scummier than EA and Activision combined, and really is a bigger slap to fans of the franchise's face than Vanguard could ever be to Call of Duty fans.

  9. 14: why does this game cost £/$60. waste of money if you ask me i wasn't intrested into this game when it was announced

  10. "No one is expecting stellar A.I. from a Call of Duty game…" Yeah it's not like there's literally thousands of people working on this game with budget over a hundred million or so.

  11. i hate the gun customising.

    It was really good in Modern Warfare (2019) and Modern Warfare remains my favourite COD ever, but in a WW2 shooter it makes 0 sense to have gun mods, and this makes the game just too unrealistic for my tastes. The way Battlefield V did gun customisation was a good compromise between realistic and variability, but here its just awful.

    TLDR; too unrealistic, for a WW2 shooter play Battlefield V

  12. I was okay with the new Modern Warfare style and thought it would be really cool to see that style of game used for that series. Instead they said every game will now be a clone of this because we can’t have different CODS feel different anymore. Rip the variety of MW2/3 and Black Ops 1/2

  13. The 1st one was kind of weak like. Like most Call of Duty campaigns the AI isn't really there to hold your hand and they can't die unless it's in the script

  14. Maybe if people would stop buying it every year, the developers would put out a better product. It's the same thing with the Madden franchise. People always complain but keep buying the same thing every year. These companies will not change for the better if they know millions will continue to buy whatever they put out.

  15. lol, the mutliplayer is absolut trash from a competitive standpoint. the maps have terrible design, the gunplay is either broken or simply ridicoules and needs no skill. this is a parody of what made CoD a unique skillbased online shooter.

  16. And the Devs said to make a great experience however the weapon costumization are terrible man, even the storyline took minutes to 30 then the gameplay sucks, like no faction in singleplayer moreover i wanted to play as Axis troops not Allied again, for the last 20 year playing COD always play as Allied all over again, i wanna play as Axis, even BF5 did that althou still pissed because Norway campaign is shit and don't like it the most but you get my point.

  17. You didn’t mention the fact that lots of guns and attachment/equipment didn’t exist in that years, like the laser sights or the undermagazine of the m1 garand that transform it into an m14

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